You just got a new computer — so exciting. You take it out of the box, plug it in and press the power button. Without any further assistance from you, it loads up its standard programs and starts asking you questions about how it should interface with your world. You know you are going to have to load your favorite programs on there once it is up and running, but it comes preprogrammed with a ton of stuff before you do a thing. Obviously someone preloaded all those programs on it before it came to you; otherwise, you would be looking at a blank screen with no way to use it.

Once you’ve got your new computer connected to the Internet, it starts loading programs and updating existing ones, and does so rapidly. Now that you’ve connected it to the world, it goes into hyper-learning mode. You load it up with apps, and it quickly learns those. Before long it is up to speed and ready to use.

Someone factory assembled your computer and got it ready to ship to you. You take delivery of that computer, and now it is “born” and learning how to interface with the world. That’s not unlike us: we go through months of “assembly”, get delivered, and start learning how to be a part of our world. If we were not “preprogrammed” to some extent, we would not be equipped to do anything outside the womb. We wouldn’t be able to “boot up” like the computer on its first use, and we wouldn’t be able to even live outside the womb.

Preprogramming happened to you as well as to a computer. But in the womb, how does that happen? Your brain and organs develop physically, but your brain starts receiving information as it is developing. What it gets is going to be your basic “operating system” which will be the core programming to launch you into the world. Like the computer, your operating system software can and will be updated throughout your life, but never wiped out or replaced, else you would be brain dead.

In the womb, your brain is receiving some outside information: sounds may filter through, vibrations may be sensed, but mostly information is coming through your mother. For awhile, you are a part of your mother, receiving her biochemical signals and nutrients. This is a very important time for your mother to be healthy, so that you can develop fully and properly. It is also an important time for your mother, and indirectly the rest of your family, to be well-adjusted and low stress, because stress, upset, fear, and worry will find their way into your core operating system as you are being assembled.

That is where the similarity with computers ends. Each of us is unique, with different genetics and experiences, even in utero. You might think that genetics and experiences are totally different things. Not quite. Genetics are amazingly malleable: because of something called epigenetics, which is a process where various genetic codes can become active or dormant, genetic expression can be shaped by experiences. To a cell, an adverse experience is just another environmental condition that it must deal with.

Your operating system
Epigenetic changes very early in life, while still changeable, are core genetic expressions that influence how you physically come together. In a review article published in the International Review of Neurobiology, researchers from the King’s College London examined data from various studies on maternal stress and fetal development, finding consistent and virtually unanimous evidence that maternal anxiety and depression affect brain development and later behavior of the child, increasing risks of depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other mental diseases. Some study evidence was also found for reduced telomere length, cortical thinning, and enlarged amygdala in the offspring. This happens because the epigenetic reactions respond to their environment, and those that happen during bodily development become part of the foundation. If you were building a house, and for a few days adding defective materials into the structure, going back to using good materials for the rest of the job won’t remove the bad portions.

A study of over 5,500 people, where researchers from the University of Cincinnati reviewed the entire epigenome of each participant, was published in Molecular Psychiatry. They looked at five categories of stress that could affect the baby through the mother: financial stress, conflict with a partner, conflict with a family member or friend, abuse (including physical, emotional and mental), and death of a friend or relative. They were able to verify epigenetic changes through DNA methylation, which is the process a cell uses to select which portions of its DNA to use and which to ignore. The modifications in methylation due to maternal stress factors were detectable in the umbilical cord blood, which indicated what was happening in the womb. Plus these changes were occurring in genes that have shown to be involved in neurodevelopment. The mother’s stress was directly affecting the baby’s brain development.

Do what you can — trust for the rest
Yes, this puts a lot of responsibility on the parents. Even before conception, epigenetic changes in both the mother and father can later pass down to the child. Then the whole family needs to help to create a warm, loving environment as the baby develops in the womb. After birth, for the first six years or so, the child is a sponge, taking in the good and the bad of his or her environment without filtering. The child’s environment is crucial during all stages of growth, but in utero is a particularly critical and delicate time.

Now, we are all human. If you are a parent, you won’t get everything perfect. You try to provide the best environment, but even so, some things are out of your control. Many of us struggle with finances, especially when starting a family. Tragedy to loved ones can occur. If you are doing what you are able, and taking the role of a parent seriously, you are being a good parent even before your children are born.

We all were born, and we all were children once. We had imperfect parents. There are imperfections in our thoughts, many of which we are unaware but are affecting our health, because our brains drive our health and all functions of our bodies. We’ve passed through fetal development and childhood. We have our stress, our irrational fears and worries, and our struggles with life. Are we stuck with those? Are we in an endless cycle, where we take those stresses and pass them along to our kids?

That cycle will continue if you let it. It will hurt you, hurt your health, limit your longevity, and pass that burden onto your kids so they will face the same struggles. But as the course of a mighty river can be totally changed with a single diversion, so can the course of your life and the generations that follow you. Your thoughts are like a river flowing through your life, and epigenetics are the course of that river, changing as your thoughts direct. Each thought is a small diversion in that course, affecting the downstream flow. Most of your thoughts stem from your first few years of life, and that includes time in the womb.

You can’t go back in time, but you can change the direction of your thoughts, especially unconscious ones, by modifying them. Thanks to modern techniques, we have the ability to “see” the direction your river of thoughts is going, suggest modifications, and then see if the course has indeed changed for the better. While there are many things you can do physically for your health and the health of your children, working on your mental and emotional health will be the most effective. It’s an investment in yourself and your whole family. Both now, and in the future.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

When you were in utero you were totally a product of the environment. When you were born, you were totally a product of the environment up to age 6 — from that point on you had a choice that you were consciously aware of and that choice was to agree or disagree with the environment, to say yes, or to say no.

The most important time of your life…
…IS conception to birth, for one simple reason: you are being totally programmed by your mother, your father, and the environment — through what your mother is exposed to mentally, emotionally and physically.

Let’s break this down into the three categories so you can see how your programming was developed:

“Mental” pertains to thoughts. Thoughts come from, first and foremost, your subconscious mind, and secondly, your conscious mind; but that conscious mind only develops approximately at age 6, so from conception to age six you are subconsciously programmed by your mother and your early environment. You might say that doesn’t matter: I can choose now to be different — yes you can, but you still have underlying subconscious programming and you have no idea what it is, yet it controls your personality, your perception, your beliefs, and your attitudes. All this from subconscious programming that started at conception, and dramatically continued for the first nine months, and then significantly from birth to age six. This was all subconscious programming by your mother and early environment.

If thoughts are what you think with the subconscious and conscious mind, then emotions are the energy produced by those thoughts. For example, if the thought is during a stressful situation, the emotion triggered could be fear, it could be worry, or even anger. All these emotions are energies of high intensity, and if those energies are continually produced, they will eventually cause damage in the body at the organ, gland, tissue and cell levels. This includes brain tissue.

What are we saying? The thoughts which originate from the programs, both subconsciously and consciously, drive your whole health, producing emotions which can increase or decrease your level of physical health. In 40 years of treating patients at Revolution New Medicine, we have never seen one person with a major health challenge that hasn’t had stored subconscious and conscious stress programs — written into their brain tissue from early childhood development up through the age of six, and then consciously from that point to the present. We will repeat the statement: not one patient out of tens of thousands have ever had a significant disease process in their body that didn’t have subconscious stress programming / conscious stress programming producing altered emotional responses of fear, worry, anger, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, lack, need — including poor self imaging. Unfortunately, our mother and father, and early environment, was not ideal.

Because of this early environment, we have been programmed in a sense to fail, but that does not have to be our destiny.

Your physical body is simply a culmination of your subconscious programming, your conscious programming, and your present thinking patterns. You do not get disease unless there’s a subconscious and conscious stress program underlying it. Why do we say this?

What tells every cell in your body to either run away from a lion, or to rest, digest, and heal is your programming and your present thoughts, but your subconscious programming runs 95% of your physiology — that means that early programming in utero and early childhood runs 95% of your health, both mentally and physically. That is extremely important to understand, and should be the first and foremost goal for everyone on the planet to change.

The most important thing in your world
No matter what you desire in life, no matter what goal or purpose that you have, you will never be able to attain it if you have underlying subconscious stress programming running 95% of your perceptions, beliefs, attitude, and personality. Because no matter how much you muster in that 5% conscious effort to change, it will never be enough to override the 95% program written on the hard drive of your brain.

There is a way
The only way to succeed, the only way to prosper, the only way to be all that you were meant to be in body, mind, emotion and spirit is to be free from subconscious and conscious stress programming. There is no other way, there is no shortcut, there is no quick fix, there is no magic pill. The only way is to release the false programs that were written on the hard drive and reprogram them with truth programs. To do this you would have to have a very advanced and sophisticated system to not only analyze the subconscious and conscious stress programs that are present, but also to monitor them to know when they have been released and reprogrammed.

That’s what we have developed these 40 years of working with patients with most every symptom, condition, and disease — mentally, emotionally, and physically. What we have found is that every single one of them — no matter how severe, no matter to what degree — if you can release this false programming and reprogram with truth, and actually verify it with advance testing, you can truly rebuild a whole new you. This is why many of our patients say, “I’ve never felt this light, this free ever in my life. I didn’t even know i could feel like this.”

What you do to the mind you do to the body
So, do not think of disease as physical; instead, think of it as mental-emotional programming manifesting in the physical, because that’s actually what it is. When potential patients ask us if we have treated their disease before, what they are focusing on is the tip of the iceberg: that’s not the problem. The problem is the subconscious and conscious mental-emotional programming that caused the disease to manifest. We clear the program and verify it by our unique Nemec New Medicine® MBEB protocol 3-D brain imaging, and then re-program with our unique technique and finally verify with re-imaging. Then the person is free and balanced, and the mind and body can go back to homeostasis, balance, and harmony.

Always remember things are not as they appear. A physical disease is a mental-emotional imbalance manifesting as a physical disease. That’s why nobody gets well and stays well just because they improved their physical condition — that’s helpful, that’s beneficial, but that’s not the root of the problem.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. When you suppress your spirit with subconscious and conscious stress programming of fear, doubt, need, lack, and poor self imaging — it’s just a matter of time until disease manifests.

But there is a better way…

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