Remember paper maps? You may be surprised to find that some young people these days have trouble navigating with an old-fashioned map, relying instead on automated phone apps to tell them where to go when traveling. Interpreting a physical map requires a translation process: relating symbols, representations, and compass directions on the paper with physical locations and roads. Change the symbols, or don’t orient the top of the map with North, and you suddenly have trouble reading the map, because you learned a specific way of understanding the map.

Mapping can refer to any systematic representation of one set of data to another. A 3-D model of a building is a form of a map, if done to scale. A blueprint or land survey is a map. And your brain has a map of your entire body, which you learned to interpret at a very young age. As an infant, you were still learning what sensations belonged to which part of your body, and how to send signals to the right muscles to control your arms, legs, and everything else that wasn’t preprogrammed (hardwired), like breathing, heartbeat, and other subconscious functions.

Brain trauma can interfere with your brain’s ability to use its map. Stroke or physical impact can impact voluntary nerve control, such as feeling or moving a portion of your body, or it can hit the hardwired functions, such as how to swallow, which takes coordinated firing of muscles down the esophagus to work properly. Also, since the brain has many portions which coordinate together to form thought and action, what affects involuntary and voluntary controls also has some impact on cognitive thought and emotions, and vice versa. Standard concussion treatments include eye, balance, and memory exercises, not just because those functions might be affected by the concussion, but also those functions interplay with overall mental health.

“Brain exercises” can improve longevity, and some of those exercises may not appear to have anything to do with mental health. Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers assessed 1702 individuals over 50 years of age with a simple test: standing/balancing on one leg for at least ten seconds without holding onto anything for balance. This wouldn’t have been an impressive study if they simply found that those failing the test had greater risk of falls, but what they found is that failing this test was associated with a higher risk of death from any cause over the next decade. Simple balance improvement increased longevity.

Of course, exercise in general helps the brain. It brings more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and takes more toxins and waste products away faster. Brain and body are highly integrated, just as the portions of the brain work together to function. This is the core tenant of holistic medicine, often overlooked by standard medicine, which treats one organ or bodily function as though it were divorced from the rest. This is why typical medicines are often harmful, because they target one function and ignore all the side effects which inevitably occur to other functions of the body.

Par for the course
We have this amazing thing called “imagination.” It allows us to play out something in our minds which we didn’t actually experience. Imagination often includes visualization, where we see, hear, and otherwise experience what we chose to imagine, and we then remember that experience. This can be extremely valuable in therapy, where directed visualization can put healing thoughts into our minds, which the body then responds to as it would with real experiences.

Golfers understand this well, and visualization is a vital part of their game. Tiger Woods explains how he prepares for each shot before hitting it by imagining seeing the flight of the ball and where it will land. He adjusts his visualization to compensate for wind or odd terrain. Since he does this with every shot, he is very aware of how well his visualizations will play out in reality, but by visualizing first, he is activating brain circuits which will result in his actual swing being very close to what he imagines it will be. His visualization isn’t just a predictor of how successful his swing will be — it improves his final swing before he ever takes it. There would be little point in doing the visualization if it did not improve his actual swing.

Theater of the mind
How can imagination affect your physical performance? The answers go back to brain mapping. Since the brain controls all of the body, preparing your brain to send out just the right signals at the right time will absolutely affect your physical performance. As published in Nature, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis used MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology to “watch” the brains of participants while performing certain tasks or resting and visualizing. They found, as expected, that portions of the brain mapped to specific areas of the body in a consistent pattern. But they also were surprised to find areas in the motor control areas of the brain that did not appear to map to any physical movement. These auxiliary circuits were activated, not by actual movement, but when the participant thought about movement. The researchers were finding extra circuits which were devoted to visualization of movement located very close to those dedicated to actual movement. These circuits were strongly connected to each other and to other parts of the brain involved in thinking, planning, mental arousal, pain, and control of internal organs and functions.

What they found was essentially the link between imagination and the body. Since these special circuits connected to autonomic functions such as blood pressure and heart rate, they saw imagination affecting subconscious bodily functions as well as conscious actions. And the connection was two way, so that calming of the body, such as during deep breathing exercises, would also calm the brain as well.

Don’t mind if I do…
So what are we? We are an integrated brain and body — that can be observed directly. But we also have a mind, because we are not simply robots that just respond to our environment in pre-programmed ways. Our brains are servants of our minds, but the fact that we have wills and desires, dreams and concerns goes beyond what mechanical devices can produce; otherwise, artificial intelligence (AI), which is arguably much smarter than we are due to the rapid advance of technology, would have those things as well.

Since you have a mind, you also have a choice in how your brain/body responds. Your mind drives your thoughts and imagination, to which your brain responds, so you direct both your brain and body through your mind.

You can literally drive your health. Through your brain, your thoughts are controlling every cell and organ in your body in either good or bad ways. As you’ve probably realized by now, your mind can be a bit unruly. Thoughts come that you don’t want. You try not to worry, yet you worry. You have fears, concerns, and doubts. And now you see that those are not helping your health, because they drive imagination and visualization through your brain and into your body. So you try to just think positive thoughts. How’s that working for you?

Since most of your thoughts are subconscious, just accepting the bad thoughts and fears as just a part of being human may not be enough, especially if you seek vibrant health. Yes, they are common to humanity, but your thought life, especially your subconscious thought life where most of the trouble lies, can be improved. If you are not as healthy as you would like, consider how your brain maps to your entire body and controls it, even when you are doing nothing in particular. Just like a physical map, if used correctly, will get you where you want to go — in this case, your destination is good health.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

As a man thinks, so is he.

Your health is 95% controlled by your mind. I will say that one more time: your entire health — physical health, mental-emotional health, organ/gland health, and cellular health are 95% controlled by your mind.

This blows peoples’ perceptions of health right out of the water.

In the 40 years we’ve been treating patients at Revolution New Medicine, it still amazes us to this day when people come in with stage four cancer and they are shocked by the diagnosis because they go through their list of things that they do right. Here are some of the things on their list:

  1. I eat very healthy organic food
  2. I take supplements
  3. I exercise every day
  4. I am not overweight
  5. I get plenty of sleep
  6. I’m enjoying my life
  7. I have a great spouse
  8. I have great kids
  9. We don’t have any money problems
  10. I don’t have any stress in my life
  11. I go to church every week
  12. I do healthier things than everyone I know

So how could I end up with cancer?

Breaking the bubble of misconceptions
The first five things on this list are physical, and what this person is saying is that I do everything physically correct — as they perceive it, not actually as it is.

Six through 10 appeared to be the mental-emotional stressors, and this person is saying that I’m not stressed, not in any way.

When it comes to the spiritual side, they will say that I’ve got this covered: I go to church every week and do everything I’m supposed to do. Then the last point is comparison, so compared to everyone I should be the healthiest because I do the most.

All right, time to break the bubble.

Yes, as you look at this checklist, it could be impressive from one person’s point of view, but you have to break down each point to its bare essence — not just doing a duty to fulfill a mental checklist of self approval. We will not go through all of them, breaking them down to their component parts, but let’s start with a few.

I eat very healthy organic food

Well, this is great, but when we do our nutritional genetic testing, we find if you do not eat for your genes, then the food that you think is making you healthy can actually be turning on inflammation pathways, and causing gene activation or suppression.

This includes tumor suppressor genes. One diet does not fit all because everyone’s genes are not the same. Let’s look at the BRACA genes associated with breast cancer. This gene when operating in a normal way is a tumor suppressor gene, which means it prevents cancer growth. So the answer is not take out your breast, but instead optimize the gene function. By giving the genes what they need to turn on normal function is how we customize diet and supplementation at Revolution New Medicine. You can see it’s infinitely more complex than “I eat healthy organic foods so I should not get cancer.”

You can eat all the healthy organic food you want, and if it does not resonate with your genes, then it will stimulate improper gene activation; or suppression, which, in and of itself could stimulate cancer growth.

This is just one of a long list of what needs to be changed to balance your system to make it cancer free or cancer preventative

Now let’s go to the big area — the stress area.
This is another greatly misperceived area of health and vitality for most people. The person we’re using in the example sees their life with no stress: what they are saying is in this present point in time life is good; everything’s going my way; I have no stresses. Well, that is great, but that’s not what your health is a built on.

3-D brain imaging: the map of your life and health in body, mind, emotion, brain, and spirit
When we look at the brain with our Nemec New Medicine® MBEB protocol that we created 40 years ago we are doing 3-D brain imaging, the most advanced form of brain mapping: this correlates all divisions of the mind to all parts of the body.

And what we’ve seen over these 40 years is very simple and cannot be dismissed.

The 3-D brain map shows brain wave patterns in every part of the brain — even the most minuscule areas in the brain. So if the brain controls the body, which it absolutely does 100%, then we have to know how to read the brain map and interpret one’s health journey through that map. There is no other way. Trying to get healthy with severe depression, trying to get healthy with areas of the brain having neurons not firing correctly in unison, but firing randomly — this is chaos to the harmony of body, mind, and emotional health. This can come from physical imbalances like eating chemicals, toxins, and inflammatory components, or it can come from a stressful environment that rewrites the routing on the map.

So back to the statement of the example patient I don’t have any stress in my life. I do all the right things. There are two types of major categories of stress: one is conscious that you are aware of, the other is subconscious that you are not aware of.

Consciousness is fully developed by age 7 so. From age 7 to present, you have been downloading conscious programs of awareness, creating perceptions: so every time someone has done you wrong and you have held onto it and not let it go, you have written another conscious program, causing an inflaming stressor to be written on the map of your brain. With that said, your conscious stress and stress programs are at most somewhere between 5 and 10% of your entire health picture.

What about subconscious?
This is the part of the program you’re not even aware of — it’s just a stored program that was written many years ago. Most of the programs that shape our perceptions, beliefs, personalities, attitudes, and opinions were drawn into the 3-D brain map between age 0 — in utero in your mother — and age six.

You don’t remember a lot from this part of your life, but subconsciously most of your programs for your life were written in this time — good or bad, happy or sad, stressful or peaceful. Whether you like it or not, you were and you are a product of your early subconscious programming.

The map that doctors don’t read
If you go to Mayo Clinic and you have stage four cancer, they’re going to do a lot of tests: all types of scans, all types of blood tests, tumor markers, PET scans, body scans, genetic testing; but I will tell you one test they will not do: they do not do a 3-D brain image and they do not know how to read the brain map. Why? Because they have never seen the importance of the mind affecting mental and physical health at the highest level!

All of medicine still sees disease primarily as physical in origin: they see your body like your car. If the engine doesn’t work, you need a new one — let’s put in a heart transplant. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, you just take medications to balance these areas for the rest of your life. They see nothing but physical cause and physical affect. And if you have cancer, they see it as an enemy that needs to be killed with the strongest bombing available — we can call it dropping the atomic bomb of chemotherapy radiation therapy and then trying to artificially and unnaturally stimulate the immune system with immunotherapy. This all sounds really good on paper, but it’s not even addressing the biggest cause of all disease, including cancer, in the body. It’s only addressing maybe 5 to 10% of the cause of your health or sickness, because only 5 to 10% is attributable to physical factors in the final result.

The primary cause
What causes disease is programming in the mind, because the mind controls the body, and it does so through the brain. In looking at the mind controlling the brain, we must look at three very big areas: subconscious stress programming, conscious stress program, and the epigenetic/genetic environment that turns on and off your genes, which is also very much controlled by your subconscious and conscious programming. Or we can say conscious map writing — this runs 5 to 10% of your system of your health

Next — so important and so not recognized — subconscious mind and subconscious programming/ subconscious map writing: this alone accounts for 90 to 95% of your total health picture of body, mind, brain, and emotions. Most everything is primarily run subconsciously from programming or mapping that was developed age 0 to 6.

So how do you assess this area when you don’t remember?
The brain map never forgets. From age 0, from the first day that you developed a nervous system, you began to draw the map out — the map of your life, not even knowing it — so when you were in your mother’s womb, you were taking in all the information she was, and you were writing brain programs, brain maps to survive in that environment. Most of this environment from age 0 to 6 contained a certain amount of high-level stress, even traumatic stress that’s written onto the brain map to the body. That is not erased; you do not outgrow it.

Just because you don’t think about it doesn’t mean the map does not exist. It was written very early in your life to chart your life to adapt to stressful circumstances and situations.

How can I heal my body, my mind, brain and emotions?
There’s only one way: you must find out what was written on the brain map in your early life. Read that brain map, make corrections by erasing the wrong routes that were written, and re-write them the proper way: this is changing your history, which changes your life and changes your disease.

This is why people come to Revolution New Medicine from around the country and around the world. This is been our specialty for 40 years: doing 3-D imaging to see the brain map, and then applying our clinical experience in reading the map and setting forth a healing program — to release or erase the improper routes and rewrite them on the brain map so they produce health and life.

Just remember, your map was written before you were aware of it and you can’t ignore it because it controls the health of the hundred trillion cells in your body. This map must be deciphered and used to develop a treatment to release the stored mental and emotional imbalances — or we can say erase parts of the map that were written in survival mode, but no longer need to be there — and finally re-program the subconscious brain connection, which means making a new route on the map to replace the one we erased. Every cell’s health and life depends upon this.

Here are the ways we can help you in your health journey:

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