In this world there are certain physical laws that we all live by. The law of gravity is one of them. If we step off a building, that law is evident as we fall to the ground. But there is another law that can supersede that law: the law of aerodynamics and jet propulsion counters the law of gravity, and that is why we can get in a plane or space craft and “fly” to our destination. Laws pertain to all areas of our life, including the laws of health. Everyone knows if you eat poison you will die because that what happens every time a person consumes it. This is verifiable and reproducible. So nobody says they can drink a glass of arsenic and live — in the lab all lab animals die within minutes. In real life all people would die within minutes if they did drink this glass of arsenic. These are the laws of this world that we live by and the cells of your body live by.

At Revolution New Medicine we have been teaching people the laws of health for over 35 years. We call that the 7 Basic Steps to Total HealthIt works this way: if you eat refined sugar it is a known stress to the cells of your body, and it induces inflammation on a cellular level just the same way a poison would do but on a much lower level, so we could call it a very low dose poison. The fact about the glass of arsenic is that you die within minutes but the fact about the refined sugar is that you do not die within minutes  you slowly over years inflame the cells, organs, glands and tissues until they have finally had enough poison and the start either dying prematurely or becoming dysfunctional and diseased. This is one of the ways cancer stem cells arise. If you have a normal healthy stem cell that makes all your other cells it does well year after year because stem cells are extremely durable — because they are so strong, they have been called immortal cells, and rightly so because if your stem cells died, you would die quickly because there would be no cell replacement. And most all your cells are constantly dying and constantly being replaced on certain schedules. They can only be replaced because of your stem cells.

Now let’s change the environment you have put your precious immortal stem cells in. You have slowly poisoned them over the last 40 years with a standard American diet of high sugar, high refined carbohydrates that are proven to increase inflammation levels at the cellular level. What do you think happens to your stem cells when they are being slowly poisoned? I will give you a hint: they do not die, but instead they adapt to the poisoning and become what we call a cancer stem cells. Remember in poisoning the most important message the cells are receiving is to make more cells very fast so we live and do not die. But to make cells this fast DNA errors more often occur that cause the cells to become abnormal — and yes they do grow fast but they do not act like the community of normal healthy cells, so unfortunately they crowd out the blood-supplied nutrients and they grow until they shut off vital function of necessary organs and glands so the person dies prematurely. Why did this happen? Just a product of the laws of this life. It was not their genes because genes turn on and off with environmental signals. Cancer genes do not give you cancer.

What gives you the cancer is the mental/emotional and physical environment those genes are in 24/7/365. Mental and emotional poison is worse that low dose physical poison for this reason: if you eat refined sugar it is processed through your body setting off and inflammatory response that will last for days to weeks from that chocolate cake but if you do not eat the sugar again the body will reset itself. This is not the case for stored subconscious and conscious stress programs. These are continuously playing on the hard drive of the brain causing stress molecules to be secreted. We must address all the factors that make ill health not just some.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

If we ask a patient, “do you like cookies”, what do they say? If we ask a patient, “do you like pizza, what do they say? Yes. But then if we ask the patient, “does your liver like cookies and pizza they hesitate and are not sure, but after some thought they respond, “I don’t think so”. So, remember the world and your body and mind are governed by laws. You can break the laws for only so long before you cause cells to die prematurely, become dysfunctional or diseased. The key is to stop slowly poisoning yourself and start using the laws to bring health and life. Who is responsible for your poisoning? You are  whether you knew it or not, you chose what you ate and drank once you were past a certain age. But just like there is a way to counter falling off a building – to be caught in a net that is hanging from a helicopter going against gravity — your net is 7 Basic Steps to Total Health. This way you can restore your health and your life.

Seven Basic Steps to Total Health is the foundational teaching of Revolution New Medicine. To heal, one must master these seven basic steps. In our last 35+ years of treating patients this teaching has set the stage for every single person that we have helped restored their health. These steps are laws that, if kept, will produce health, and when broken will produce dysfunction and eventual disease. Health and healing are dependent upon balancing body, mind, and emotions. If all these are not addressed, then just like instruments in an orchestra, each area of imbalance will produce noise instead of the cumulative beautiful music. The noise of just one of these areas being out of balance will still sustain the dysfunction or the disease. This is how we’ve guided our patients for over the last 35 years.

Start on the first three. Next time we will introduce the last four. You can choose what you eat and what you drink but to do so you will not be a normal American anymore. “Who are you?” is the question.

  1. Oxygen, Air and Breathing. Oxygen is the most important nutrient that your body needs. Every cell, tissue, gland and organ need oxygen the most. The higher the oxygen levels the higher the energy and cellular function and the less likelihood of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells multiplying.
  2. Water. Water is the second most important nutrient that the body and the cells of the body require. Over 75% of your body is water and without enough water the body cannot heal and maintain health and naturally detoxify. Water is one of the greatest anti-inflammatories and tissue needs this water for it to receive food and oxygen into the cells and remove waste products out of the cells.
  3. Food. Your diet or the food you eat is the third most important nutrient that is necessary and every cell requires this nutrient to maintain life and health. Food choices are most critical because as one eats inflammatory foods the level of inflammation increases in the body and level of health correspondingly decreases. The important choice is consuming living and raw food choices from the plants that are high in biophotons and enzymes. This positively affects immune and cellular function.


Here are the ways we can help you in your health journey:

  1. Outpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-has the most benefit of teaching, treatment, live classes and personalized coaching. This program has the most contact with Dr. Nemec with 3- 6 month programs that can be turned into a regular checking and support program for life. This is our core program that has helped so many restore their health and maintain that restoration for years.
  2. Inpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-is our four-week intensive inpatient program for those that are not in driving distance, usually over 4 hour drive. This is the program that is an intensive jumpstart with treatment, teaching, live classes and coaching designed for all our international patients along with those in the US that do not live in Illinois. This program is very effective especially when combined with our new membership program support.
  3. Stay at Home Program-is offered to continental US patients who cannot come to Revolution New Medicine but still want a more personal, customized plan to restore their health. This program also includes our Learn Membership Program.
  4. Membership Program is our newest program offered for those that want to work on their health at a high level and want access to the teaching at Revolution New Medicine along with the Forums: both Dr. Nemec’s posts and other members posting. And also, to have the chance to get personalized questions answered on the conference calls which are all archived in case you miss the call. The Membership Program has 3 levels to choose from: Learn, Overcome and Master. The difference is at the Overcome and Master levels you received one on one calls with Dr. Nemec personalizing your program for your areas of focus.