When we look at other laws in our world, we can see how we are affected. Take the second law of thermodynamics, which means everything in this world is becoming more disordered, not ordered. That is why we age, and everything that is alive eventually breaks down and dies. That means just like with gravity if you step off the roof of the building you are going to fall to the ground — when you are born into this world your body will eventually become progressively more disordered, break down and no longer exist.

But let us look to nature to see if this law is ever broken. When an egg from a mother unites with a sperm from a father this brings forth new life. But let us look closer: the egg of the mother was anywhere from 15-60 years old, the sperm from the father anywhere from 15-80 years old, but these two older cells come together and make a new life that can live 100 years. How can that be when the second law of thermodynamics is in effect universally? You also see this in a jar if you put just distilled water and mung bean seeds, with no minerals, just H2O. This mung bean seed can be 100 years old or more, but when it hits the water it transforms from dormancy to activity and starts growing at an accelerated rate. In one week, the weight and the minerals and vitamins in the growing sprout has increased hundredfold. With nothing but water how can this be?

Life is the answer. There is life in the egg, life in the sperm, and life in the seed. If you keep the right environment around these cells, they will continue life very similarly to the torch from one runner in the ancient Olympics being passed to the next runner so the flame never goes out. So what is the reason I am bringing this to your attention? The laws govern how long and how much life manifests. What is disease? It is a blockage of life. How did it get blocked? With seven different areas. First is oxygen. Complete lack of it and you will put the fire out quickly. Reduction of it makes cells ramp up to adapt to the stress and this is one of the signs of cancer formation. Next is water. Your body needs a river to bring blood and nutrients and oxygen to every cell at remove toxins and waste products. This river is mostly water. Without water planet earth would cease to support life and so is the same with you. Food is either a source of life (biophotons), enzymes (from cellular metabolism), energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to support life or it is a major stressor that depletes, inflames and toxifies the cells so it brings in a much quicker state of disorder, dysfunction and disease. Sleep is recharging the batteries of the cell. How long would your cell phone work if you did not recharge it everyday?

Exercise is motion, and motion supports life. Blood has to move, lymphatic fluid has to move, cerebrospinal fluid has to move — and so do you if you want them to. How do you know someone has died? There is no more movement. Fasting is letting go. The more we let go of the more we receive.

The more we let go of the more we can detoxify our body and mind.

Last but not least is living a life of prayer, meditation and living in the moment. To access the source of life you must learn how to let go of the past and future and listen to your Supreme Conscious mind in the moment. So can we reverse the second law of thermodynamics? Yes and no. Yes, if we live by another set of laws called the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health. No if we live a standard American life.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

Do not get so caught up with the “thing” but instead make an environment where the “thing” and all the other “things” will change. It is not about cancer, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes or any other “thing” but it is about the environment that supports LIFE. If you want to live LIFE to the full then you will have to make changes so that can occur. That is what the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health are  the changes to help you make the environment to support your LIFE which brings forth health of body and mind. I have had many patients ask me over the years “Do you treat XYZ disease?” My answer is always “No, but we do treat the mental and physical environment that brought that disease.” So the takehome message is: major on the majors not on the minors. Treat the cause of the problems, not the problems. If you focus on the problems then you magnify them; if you focus on changing the environment you minimize them. It is always how you perceive it. Is it partly sunny or partly cloudy? Are you working on your health or trying to cure a disease? Start your 7 Basic Steps now.

  1. Oxygen, Air and Breathing. Oxygen is the most important nutrient that your body needs. Every cell, tissue, gland and organ need oxygen the most. The higher the oxygen levels the higher the energy and cellular function and the less likelihood of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells from multiplying.
  2. Water. Water is the second most important nutrient that the body and the cells of the body require. Over 75% of your body is water and without enough water the body cannot heal and maintain health and naturally detoxify. Water is one of the greatest anti-inflammatories and tissue needs this water to receive food and oxygen into the cells and remove waste products out of the cells.
  3. Food. Your diet or the food you eat is the third most important nutrient that is necessary and every cell requires this nutrient to maintain life and health. Food choices are most critical because as one eats inflammatory foods the level of inflammation increases in the body and level of health correspondingly decreases. It is important to consume living and raw food choices high in biophotons and enzymes. This positively affects immune and cellular function.
  4. Sleep. Your rest is a very important requirement for the body to regenerate and heal. Sleep is like the reset button. Without the proper amount, timing and cycles it is very difficult to maintain health or to heal. It’s important to understand the sleep cycle, the natural biorhythms and how much sleep to get and when to get it. Also, for the busiest people, you will learn, if you have to cut your sleep short, how to do that and still maintain health.
  5. Exercise. Exercise can be summed up in this: life is motion. Without movement the cells of your body would cease to receive the proper amount of oxygen, water and food along with not being able to eliminate toxins and waste products. Every cell in your body is dependent on movement and there are very different movements or exercises for cells, organs, glands and tissues that are critical for health and healing. One exercise does not cover all, but unique exercised for these areas are taught.
  6. Fasting and Detoxification. When a person fasts, they are getting rid of toxins that would harm their body and mind. In this lesson we cover the most powerful types of fasting and most importantly how to maintain a permanent fast from the standard American diet and lifestyle. This is the second most important step of all seven basic steps to total Health.
  7. Prayer, Stillness and Meditation. Prayer is the last and most important of the seven basic steps to total Health. You will learn how to listen to God who is speaking to us. Without developing an ability to hear the voice of God, which brings calm in the midst of the storm, the cells, tissues glands and organs are being stressed by a sympathetic dominant autonomic nervous system driven by a mind of fear, doubt, time and physicality. Learning to listen to the voice of God and how to meditate and what he speaks to you as one stays in that stillness is the most important step in restoring or retaining health.

Here are the ways we can help you in your health journey:

  1. Outpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-has the most benefit of teaching, treatment, live classes and personalized coaching. This program has the most contact with Dr. Nemec with 3- 6 month programs that can be turned into a regular checking and support program for life. This is our core program that has helped so many restore their health and maintain that restoration for years.
  2. Inpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-is our four-week intensive inpatient program for those that are not in driving distance, usually over 4 hour drive. This is the program that is an intensive jumpstart with treatment, teaching, live classes and coaching designed for all our international patients along with those in the US that do not live in Illinois. This program is very effective especially when combined with our new membership program support.
  3. Stay at Home Program-is offered to continental US patients who cannot come to Total Health Institute but still want a more personal, customized plan to restore their health. This program also includes our Learn Membership Program.
  4. Membership Program is our newest program offered for those that want to work on their health at a high level and want access to the teaching at Total Health Institute along with the Forums: both Dr. Nemec’s posts and other members posting. And also, to have the chance to get personalized questions answered on the conference calls which are all archived in case you miss the call. The Membership Program has 3 levels to choose from: Learn, Overcome and Master. The difference is at the Overcome and Master levels you received one on one calls with Dr. Nemec personalizing your program for your areas of focus.