Workers who take probiotics daily are less likely to be off work with common illnesses, such as colds and gastroenteritis, than workers who don’t. An exploratory study published today in the open access journal Environmental Health shows that workers who took a daily dose of the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri were 2.5 times less likely to take sick leave than workers who took a placebo.

Py Tubelius, from Tetra Pak Occupational Health and Safety AB, and colleagues from BioGaia AB, in Lund, Sweden, conducted a study to assess the health benefits for adults of taking L. reuteri on a daily basis. A group of 181 staff (128 day workers and 53 shift workers) at the Tetra Pak factory in Lund agreed to take part in the study. The workers were randomly assigned at the start of the study, to receive a drink with or without L. reuteri, every day for a period of 80 days.
Twenty-three of the 87 workers in the group that took a placebo reported taking sick days during the 80 day-long study. In contrast, only 10 of the 94 workers that took L. reuteri reported taking any sick days during the study. The effect of L. reuteri was most significant in shift workers: none of the 26 shift workers in the reuteri group reported taking any sick leave, compared to nine out of 27 shift workers in the placebo group.

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on Workers on probiotics are healthier
This interesting study showed that when workers were put on certain probiotic, lactobacillus reuteri, they were 2 ½ times less likely to take sick leave, than workers that put on a placebo. This is just another powerful study that shows the importance of the intestinal track and healing. Maldigestion and malabsorbtion is the root of inflammation in the body and inflammation is the root of disease including cancer so improving digestion is a powerful alternative cancer treatment. So directly or indirectly your intestinal tract digestive and eliminative tract is responsible for a high percentage of your total health and physical body. So what this article showed was very simply when they took workers and gave them the probiotic over the 80 day long study, the regular workers were greatly reduced as far as the number of people who got sick, and it was more profound in shift workers.

In shift workers none of the shift workers in the probiotic group took any sick day leave compared to about 1/3 of the shift workers in the placebo group. So what does this mean to you and how can you adopt something into your life that will promote a higher level of health, keep you healthier, less days of sickness. Very simply this.  Start taking the highest quality probiotic on a daily basis. What a probiotic is, is a good bacteria. When you look at your intestinal tract it has good bacteria, bad bacteria and candida, which is yeast. What we want in a healthy body is lots of the good bacteria, look at those as the grass that grows and very little of the bad bacteria and yeast, those are the weeds that grow. The problem is with the standard American diet of high and refined sugars and starches and toxic animal products, all these things tend to stress out the digestive tract and lead to formations of maldigestion, malabsorbtion because of the toxicity of the hard to digest animal products, the chemical filled, and hormone filled animal products and also an overgrowth of the bad bacteria and the yeast, with refined sugar and starch diets. So our answer is very simply found in the fact that we need to change our diet. We need to adopt a living, raw plant based diet high in complex carbohydrates in raw, uncooked and living vegetables, sea vegetables, root vegetables, sprouted material. sprouts, seed, nuts, avocados and legumes. The majority of this is uncooked, raw and  living. When we eat this diet, the intestinal tract goes into the highest level of health because we are not feeding any of the toxic chemicals, we are not giving any hard to digest toxic animal products. We are not feeding the bad bacteria and the yeast with refined sugars, starches and flours that cause the yeast and the bad bacteria overgrowth. And we’re implanting the normal bacterial that is in our intestinal tract has time to reproduce and grow. If you don’t feed the weeds then the good grass will continue to grow and keep the lawn green, but if we are putting something into our body that feeds the weeds, the bad bacteria and the candida, and of course weeds also go faster and overtake grass. So the answer is two fold, first of all, adopt the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health stressing very importantly the diet, which is the living raw food diet.

And then the second fold part of the plan to promote the highest level of gastrointestinal health which in turn leads to the highest level of immune health, which in turn leads to not getting sick. Not only with bacteria, viruses, things like that, but also all sickness will be reduced when we balance the gastrointestinal, the digestive/eliminative tract. So the second fold that we recommend after the living raw plant based diet and adopting the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health as part of that, is implementing the highest grade probiotic. Which the one we researched and found to be the best is the number one selling probiotic in Europe. It’s HLC High Potency Powder, Intensive and Intensive capsules.   Along with this, if a person has had a history of weakened immune system, candida or yeast overgrowth or just chronic health problems, we add an enzyme to that kills yeast. The enzyme is SMI. So SMI actually digests yeast where as the HLC High Potency Powder is the most potent probiotic to refloralize the gut or to regrow the good grass seed. So again in our analogy, the SMI enzyme would be killing the weeds on the lawn. This is the bad bacteria and the candida, whereas, the HLC High Potency Powder Probiotic is grass seed that you are putting on the lawn to grow more grass. So that’s affecting it in two ways. One, by killing the bad, another by replanting the good. And again to sum up, when our digestion is good, and our elimination is good, and the normal flora in our intestinal tract is good, our immune system will be good, our health will be good, inflammation will be low. And without inflammation in the body with proper digestion, elimination, the likelihood of contracting diseases is extremely low.