I saw a patient the other day his diagnosis was stage III brain cancer and he had been on the program for approximately three months. He wanted to know if he was ready to go back to work which was physical lifting and manual labor. I said how do you feel energy wise? He responded when I first started the program I felt very tired and weak but just within the last week all my energy came back A few weeks ago I could barely do five push-ups on my knees now I can do 100 full push-ups all in a matter of a week this changed. What’s happening here? You must understand to heal you have to release physical and mental/emotional toxins that have been stored in your system many years. This requires energy to release and energy to heal. So when we start getting the inflammation out of the body and the toxins both mental and physical out of the body this is a tremendous energy drain to clear 30, 40,50 60 years of these toxins and inflammatory factors build up in your system. In the last 35 years of treating patients I’ve seen patients take four weeks to remove these mental and physical toxins and inflammation buildup and I’ve also seen people take one year before they release them. Everyone is a unique individual and has built up and stored various amounts of inflammatory by products, chemicals, toxins, and conscious and subconscious stress programs. All this must be released and all this takes energy to release. What happens after the release? The person is usually better than they have been for many many years. They are stronger, they repair quicker, and they feel better then they have for a very long time. One of my patients who had lung cancer came when he was 59 years old and after the healing was complete 12 months later his response: I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in my life. Maybe I did when I was in high school but I don’t remember. Now you can see healing looks very different than what our mind expects.