This is a very good question. Because most people think: once I get healed, I’ll be healed the rest of my life. Not so. It’s not like a trophy that you won 25 years ago and it sits on your shelf. Health and healing is made with each decision you make every moment of the day. The people that heal at Revolution New Medicine and stay healed are the people that continually do 100% of what they are shown to do, and they do not go back to old diet or lifestyle or stress programs. This is why we have constant support and have had done for over the last 35 years. Every one needs support to maintain a high level of health and not fall back or backslide into dysfunction or disease. If you go back and eat the food, because it’s inflammation, it doesn’t make a difference how healthy you are — you are going to re-inflame your tissues and trigger normal stem cells to become cancer stem cells. There is no way around it. So it’s very simple:  to stay healed you must do what you did to get healed, and continually do it at the highest level.