All you have to say is: who made you? Just start there. Who made you? Did your mother and father make you? No, they did not. You were made by God — you have to be — it’s too awesome what happens. To see that the two cells coming together that make your body as miraculous as that is it still not the real you. These cell aren’t you, they are not your spirit. You are not flesh, because the flesh will die.
Spirit will never die. So see yourself as Jesus was on the Mount of transfiguration. He was all lit up. He had a form, he had a body, but he was lit up. That’s our real body. It’s a body of light. It’s not a body made of this 2 pounds of dirt, but a body of light. It’s just an extension of God our father. It’s not our mind that we’ve developed through study and training: the best that mind can get is like Einstein, and that’s nothing compared to the mind of God, which is our true mind when we are in him. You wouldn’t have anything better than God your father.
So there would be nothing to figure out:  you’d be better than Einstein, you’d be better than everyone, because you have the answer just like Jesus did because God would be speaking to you constantly, just as he did to Jesus.
So the only thing we struggle with is thinking that this mind and body are us. And if this is us, we have to work harder to make this better. This is never going to be better. It might be better today, but it’ll get worse tomorrow, but see when you live from the real YOU. This shines so much energy and light it actually will start shining back into this flesh. And that’s what you call healing. Healing is when you’re walking in the lightness and the Joy and the Peace of who you ARE, not who you are not. If you live as physical being absolute, you are set up for a fall. You go to the doctor and he’s analyzing your physical body and the doctor says you’re better today, so you think you’re better today, right? That means nothing because the doctor could say you’re worse tomorrow. So one day you’re happy, the next day you’re sad in this place, in this mind and in this body.
In your true mind, the mind of Christ and your true body, the body of Christ, it has no bad days. It’s never going to have a bad day because Daddy’s never going to see you as a bad girl or boy. You only perfect in Daddy’s Eyes, and the more you get that revelation, the lighter you become and the things don’t weigh you down — you don’t worry so much about things.
This is like me telling you that your car has dents in it. I know but you’re not the car, you just drive the car.  This car might always have dents in it. Well, that’s okay, but you’re not the car. Now some people do define themselves by their car, but that is incorrect and stressful. So you should define Yourself by who you ARE, not what you drive, or what body you live in, or what mind you live in because that’s not your mind or your body. You are God’s son, you are God’s daughter, and you have his mind, his thoughts, his love, his truth, his life, and his body — which are eternal. That’s who YOU are right now!