I had a patient email me who was a patient over 10 years ago.  His original diagnosis was advanced bladder cancer. He decided to do treatment at Revolution New Medicine instead of conventional treatment. His doctor sent him a certified letter saying that his life was at stake and if he does not do conventional treatment he will die from this disease. Well he did our program and completely healed his condition and then he had moved away and I no longer saw him but he continued to receive our newsletters and he responded back to one saying Dr. Nemec I want to thank you for all that you did for me with the teaching and the treatment. I’m still doing great and I’m still doing the seed milk and the avocados.

The reason he still doing great is because he still doing everything that he did in the beginning he never went back even in part to is old diet or lifestyle.

Remember the old you is the one who made you sick and the new you is the one who healed you so you must live permanently from the new you and not go back to visit the old you which never was you in the first place.