A patient was in yesterday that I’ve been treating for about three months. Her initial diagnosis was stage four cancer, and in the three months she’s been on the Revolution New Medicine program she’s felt better than she has in many years, with more energy, and an excitement about life. A totally transformed person, but she went on a vacation and got off track with her diet — went to a restaurant and ate some lobster, and didn’t feel well at all after that. She woke up the next day to see both her legs were swollen with edema up to her hips.  She had gained 15 pounds of fluid.  She said it felt like she had elephant legs:  she could barely walk and she felt very sick. She immediately she got back on track with her living/raw plant diet (no animal protein), and within a week, with excessive urination, all the swelling went down and her legs were back to normal. The lesson in the journey to her was: do not ever deviate from a diet that promotes health and healing — otherwise you produce an inflammatory environment that grows all pathogens, including cancer cells.