I had a patient in yesterday and he asked me is there anything he can do with the diet? He has been doing it for three years and he wants to change it up a bit. He said he is strict and says he does not cheat but is there a way he can change it somehow?

My response to him was this: health is built on strong foundations and what are the signs of a strong foundation? It’s not shakable, not changeable, it’s a solid rock foundation. At Total Health Institute we have seven core foundational teaching that are fundamental to healing. You do these you get that, you don’t do these you don’t get that, it’s not quite that simple but it’s close. These seven core foundations are what we call seven basic steps to total health.

They include

  1. Air, oxygen, breathing
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Fasting/detoxifying
  7. Prayer, meditation, stillness

These  7 are what a health and healing are built upon.

So the question is if this food gets boring can I have other things or what can I do to change it up?

Every answer I give every single patient depends on where that patient is in their journey in body, mind, emotion and spirit healing. To one person who is new on the program and emotionally attached to food just to let go of some of the pleasure foods is extremely painful. To others who are in the groove the food has truly become secondary just fuel for the body they don’t even think about it anymore it comes natural to them. To those have transitioned into a higher level of spiritual, mental emotional health and healing they no longer need pleasure from food. They are getting pleasure from increase health, energy, vitality, clarity of mind and growing in spirit. These people love the new journey they could never think of doing anything else but they didn’t get there overnight they progressively grew into this new freedom this new life.

So we have the patient has been doing it for a couple years and wants to change it up a bit. My first response is that’s what different vegetables, different fresh herbs are used for. They make the same ingredients with a different flavor so if you blend your avocados with garlic and some basil and cucumber that’s going taste different than if you blend your avocados with garlic and cilantro which will taste different than if you blend with dill. Each gives a unique flavor so fresh herbs have tremendous amount of phytochemicals so this is always best if you want to have a little change in flavors but remember in the end food is nothing but fuel. Your pleasure in life is life itself, health, energy, vitality, clarity and walking more in the fruit of the Spirit because you are no longer feeding the flesh. The only path to healing comes through prayer and fasting and that’s the basis of everything we do at Total Health Institute. We teach a prayer and fasting lifestyle to heal the body, the mind, the emotions and walk more fully in the spirit.