A patient began the program with diagnosed stage four metastatic cancer. Conventional medicine had run out of options so this patient contacted us and began our treatment and teaching program. After being on the program approximately two months she had a follow up with her oncologist. He ran bloodwork on her and said her tumor marker was going down. This was quite exciting because she hadn’t done conventional chemotherapy for over three months yet the marker was going down. This happens when your body is healing naturally. You do not need chemotherapy to lower the tumor marker. You need to get extremely healthy in your body and then your mind. This is why our program addresses the physical and mental emotional with the heart brain entrainment therapy and brain mapping. If you do not release subconscious and conscious stress programs you do not heal, but when you do and receive the treatments, consume the supplemental nutrition and the diet along with the lifestyle you have made an environment we’re health can be restored. Your body was designed to heal all you have to do is make an environment so it can do what it was designed to.