Treatment and Teaching

Total Health Institute is an Alternative Treatment and Teaching Facility.

We offer 5 ways people can restore their total health:
1. Total Health Institute’s outpatient (come and go) treatments and teaching
2. Total Health Institutes Inpatient Program: Comprehensive Treatment/Teaching
3. Total Health Spa is open to the public
4. Stay at Home Program
5. Total Health Institute Store/Products      

Total Health Institutes has and Inpatient Program so that you can go to your highest level of health. This is for those who want to get away and do the ultimate to heal or to maintain health of their body, mind and emotions.

Why do people come from around the country and around the world to REV to restore their total health?

1. Comprehensive testing

2. Medical staff with an alternative healing approach

3. Most advanced alternative treatments and therapies

4. Detoxification Center

5. Inpatient facility

6. Up to date research

7. Teaching facility

Imagine Your New Life

Image what a life of total health would be like: no symptoms, no conditions, no diseases, no medicines, no surgeries or doctors or hospitals, abundant energy, no pain in your body, you sleep soundly and wake up each day with energy, vitality and passion for what God has put into your heart. The ability to be calm, and at peace without any negative emotions no matter what happens in your day (calm in the midst of the storm).

Any Questions? We Are Here To Address Them.
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