What is the difference between the work you do and your life’s purpose or mission?

Life is so much more than working 40 hours a week to get a paycheck. In this life we were created by God to work. God created Adam to work; and this is a good thing, a God thing when it is done from the heart and not the mind.

To really be satisfied and fulfilled in life is to do, or work at what God created you to do. People ask, “How do I know what God created me to do?” To answer this you must go on an inward journey, a journey of the heart.

First, you must answer the question “What is my purpose in life?”

The answer is divided into the following categories:

  • To know God
  • To see Him in everything and everyone
  • To be free
  • To live life to the full in every moment
  • To not try to change the moment, the “what is”.
  • To obey the heart and not the old mind
  • To die (to the old nature) before you die
  • To transform into God’s image in body, mind and spirit
  • To be the light of the world in body, mind and spirit

To know what God created you to do and what work He has called you to do. You must also ask yourself these questions.

1. Would I do what I am doing if I had only 5 years to live and I had to work those 5 years?

2. Do I look forward to each day of work as a new adventure seeking to see what God is going to show me today or do I dread each day just trying to make it to the end of the day, end of the week, living for the weekend and holidays and vacations.

The next big question is:

Are you working from your head or from your heart? Are you working from what the world system has put in your mind or from what God has put in your heart?

The two of these do not agree with each other. You are either working to do something, achieve something or be somebody in the world or you are working doing God’s will, and becoming transformed more into His image moment by moment.

A few other things to remember in your work:

1. The grass is never greener on the other side. So many people think that another job would be better, my boss would appreciate me more or my co-workers would treat me better, or the work would be easier. God has a plan and purpose for everything and that job is one of the vessels that will grow and mature you into His image. The way you know it is time to move on to another job is when your free not to take another job, then God will open the door, instead of you opening the door.

2. “I want to get a job that can glorify God and help people instead of working in this day to day boring routine where I am changing nobody’s life.” The greatest way you can bring glory to God is to live fully in the moment that He allowed into your life for the specific reason to help you grow in the journey. When you have learned to see Him in everyone and everything, when you can persevere in the most difficult, mundane and monotonous situations, when you can stand strong in Him when the whole world around you is coming against you, these are the things that victory and freedom are made of, this is when cleaning toilets will become such a divine moment that you will never want it to end. “Whether I eat or drink (or clean toilets) I do it all to the glory of God.”

So in this life you live, live it to the full no matter what job you are in, see it as an opportunity to become more like Him who created you. Do not live for the promise land because if you do, you will dread the wilderness. Instead by living fully in each moment in the wilderness you will experience the miracles of God in each moment—the manna from heaven in every moment, and what awesome moments they will be.

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