So if a woman has pain in her breast this stimulates the mind to start thinking. Then if she talks to two friends today and each one says one of their family members was recently diagnosed with breast cancer now the thoughts have become very strong and have moved to the forefront. Will this manifest a destiny of breast cancer? No not unless she thinks on the thought.

Look at it this way there are big clouds in the sky passing by. If your focus stays true and you don’t follow the clouds with your attention as they move by then they are in the background not in the forefront. We need to keep the mind as background noise not paying attention to it although we hear it. So if the child is screaming in the shopping cart for what they want and we don’t give it to them then they will cry for quite some time but eventually it will ease up and it will just be background noise same as a person moving to a new house that is right next to the train tracks. For the first three months they will not be able to sleep because they will hear freight trains all night long not only with the noise but the vibration but after three months they don’t even know trains are there because their brain has tuned them into background noise so the person can sleep soundly. In quantum physics what you focus on you increase in your life if you focus on breast cancer you manifest breast cancer if you focus on being all the God called you to be in body mind and spirit being an extension of him then that will manifest as your destiny. So remember clouds are always going by and some look like tornadoes and hurricanes do not pay attention to them otherwise you’re caught in the trap and you will not like what that attention produces which is pain on many levels.

What should you be listening to and putting your attention on?

The truth and revelation that is constantly been spoken to your heart, your spirit. When you’re in the mind you have come to get something because you are in need but when you are in your heart, your spirit you are not in need you are complete and you have come to give.