I recently had a patient in for a visit that came to the Institute over four years ago with a significant cancer diagnosis. She had done the program and reaped the benefits. Her cancer was gone, her health was returned. This is the most dangerous time in a healing journey! Why? It is because a person tends to slack off the Seven Basic Steps that brought them to heal in the first place. In their mind they think: I’m eating the healthiest food and have been for quite some time so it’s okay if I have a little bit of my old food. Well, this patient came in and asked my opinion on why one of her toenails had recently become black? My response was that this is a fungus and fungus grows in sugar.
My next question to her was: what are you eating that is turning to sugar that I have not told you to eat? She stated: I’m eating everything on the diet as I should. And I responded and what else? She quietly stated well I’ve added just a few blue corn chips. My response was you’ve just added sugar which feeds fungus and cancer, so if you want to continue to do that it’s time for you to visit your oncologist again because you cannot play with cancer.  You either starve it out permanently or you give it a foothold to grow and grow — it will at anytime that you make an environment for it to grow. It was a wake up call for her and on her next visit she said she was back on track and not playing around anymore.