Unless your car is an antique, it likely has an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port connected to your car’s computer. Modern vehicles have computers constantly controlling and monitoring the engine and other aspects of the car. This computer has sensors throughout the vehicle and a memory of readings it has been receiving. The OBD port is a way to talk to that computer and determine what issues it has discovered over time. The car computer also will activate certain dashboard lights, especially the “check engine light”, when it detects a problem, so OBD port allows you to learn exactly what it considers to be the problem.

The OBD’s language is a set of standard codes which translate to specific conditions in specific portions of the car. If an oxygen sensor is frequently reading too low, perhaps due to the engine running too rich in the fuel to air mixture, it will emit a specific code. If it detects overheating, it will show a different code. Most of us don’t know about how to use the OBD and read the codes, so the check engine light means “take the car to a mechanic.” But if you can read the OBD, you may save yourself some repair bills.

Modern vehicles are a rough analogy to the brain and body: the car is analogous to the body and it has a computer brain that is sensing conditions within the car’s body. Your brain is much more complex, but professionals can read your brain’s codes in the form of brainwaves and suggest corrective action when those brainwaves signal trouble. The brain codes are different frequencies emanating from certain areas of the brain. Reading those codes is simply a matter of measuring and intercepting those brainwaves as they radiate from your brain sending messages to the whole body and recording the frequencies over time.

We know that certain ranges of brainwave frequencies are associated with various levels or types of brain activities. Higher thinking generally means higher frequencies, whereas sleep and rest results in lower frequencies. However, the complex brain has complex brainwave patterns, and they are so distinctive that none of us have the exact same mix of brainwave patterns. Scientists are constantly trying to learn more from brainwave patterns, because they provide a window to not only the brain functioning but also the body responding to those frequencies with certain organ, gland and tissue function. The 100 trillion cells in the body have learned that certain frequencies at certain times from specific regions of the brain can mean danger is present. They are also finding that certain frequencies appear to be helpful to the brain and body, and that training in optimizing those frequencies or application of those frequencies can be beneficial.

Published in PLOS ONE, researchers from the Picower Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimented with the use of 40Hz (Hz = hertz, or cycles per second, a measurement of frequency) on early stage Alzheimer’s patients. Exposure to both 40Hz modulated light and sound daily over a 3 month period resulted in less brain atrophy, reduced loss of functional connectivity, improved sleep, and improved results on a memory test, relative to the control group. When measuring the patients’ brainwaves, they discovered that many areas of their brains showed significant “entrainment”, which means those areas were getting in tune with the 40Hz light and sound exposure and producing more 40Hz brainwaves themselves.

Why this focus on 40Hz? This frequency is in the gamma range of brainwaves, which is produced with higher thought. Observational studies have shown that high 40Hz brain activity correlates with good memory, and 40Hz deficiency results in learning disabilities. Gamma brainwaves are the only frequency group found in all areas of the brain, and will appear in many areas of the brain at once when the brain is integrating thoughts; that is, bringing the various parts of thought production (such as memory, sensory input, emotional responses, calculation, imagination) together. This coordination is needed in forming detailed, complex thoughts. Entraining the brain to produce more gamma waves is essentially encouraging higher thought.

Recognizing that various brainwave frequency ranges are associated with different types of brain activity, doctors use different frequencies to induce different effects. Gamma is used for potentially improving attention and memory, theta and delta for improving sleep, and alpha waves for reducing stress and anxiety. While this may seem very modern, the idea of entrainment is very old. You use crude forms of it yourself. What music do you like to listen to when you want to relax? Is it different from when you want exercise or do some demanding chores? How about when you feel sad or happy? Some entrainment is negative: perhaps you hear some people arguing loudly nearby, or you hear loud cars go by when you are trying to read. Or you hear an irritating song, which gets stuck in your head when you don’t like the song, but can’t stop replaying it in your brain. Even your favorite music, at the wrong time, is bothersome.

There’s a right time and a wrong time for everything. You don’t want to be thinking heavy thoughts when trying to go to sleep, or you may not be able to sleep. Likewise you don’t want to be groggy when it’s performance time at work. Therapies are best when they encourage your brain to produce healthy brainwaves at the right time. What you need is different from someone else, because your brainwave patterns are unique to you. The idea is to encourage your brain to healthier patterns while respecting its uniqueness. So therapies should first be diagnostic, determining deficiencies or mental blockages, before attempting change.

A technique that respects uniqueness is biofeedback. A patient’s brainwaves are first monitored to determine what each area of the brain is doing. Then the patient is coached to try to shift towards certain healthier frequencies. Changes in a healthier direction are encouraged to where the patient can effect change without the feedback, learning skills that may help the brain to function in a better way. But here too, the change is artificial, not really changing thought. The mind drives the brain, and if thoughts that drive it into harmful patterns persist, this means only a temporary improvement. If a car gets good maintenance, it performs better, unless the car’s driver is reckless and prone to rough used of the car. The brain is best when driven by good thoughts.

Biofeedback is being used to treat clinical conditions, not thought. It does show value in providing non-drug relief to some symptoms, as noted in an article published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Here, researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon reviewed numerous studies to determine where this therapy was most effective in providing some relief of: headache pain, some types of incontinence issues, and was often helpful in stroke recovery. These are all conditions dealing with how the brain functions, but not changing thought patterns — those changes have to come from within.

Perception is Reality
All portions of the brain give off brainwaves. These frequencies are far lower than those of radio waves or even most audible sound, and even lower than household power, which is at 60Hz. Yet, these brainwaves are indicative of what the brain is doing, and provide an excellent window into how it is operating. Certain frequencies that either appear or are lacking from portions of the brain show over or under activity of those portions, suggesting potential problems. These problems are being driven, in some cases by chemical imbalances or toxins, but often by thought patterns that are pushing the brain into odd activity. Bandaids are great, even valuable at times, but real healing requires the mind driving the brain well, free of chronic stress and fear.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

The greatest drawback with biofeedback is that it’s trying to do externally, with a physical task to perform on a computer screen, a positive reinforcing frequency brainwave pattern. This has some value but misses the real heart of the matter. You cannot train brain waves with outside devices, neither can you permanently normalize body functioning with outside pharmaceuticals. Both are temporary fixes. not a long-lasting correction.

For example, a person takes blood-sugar medication for high blood sugar. The medication will cause the sugar to lower by pushing it abnormally into the cells, which means the cells degenerate and die prematurely due to the excess of cell sugar entering into them — so we could say the medication is a success, but how do we define success? Is this just to lower blood sugar for a season? But is this providing a higher level of health? Research has shown that diabetics are 10 times more prone to cancer, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, and abnormal circulation, even taking all their medication. Also diabetics taking medication can have numerous negative side effects, because when you put a drug in the body, it affects multiple systems at one time, not just the blood sugar. This is why most medications have between seven and 500 side effects. You cannot just put medication in and think you have solved the problem, because the only way you solve a blood sugar problem properly is change your diet — by eating low glycemic index foods, getting much more exercise, and getting rid of all 10 causes of inflammation of the body. There is no quick fix with any disease process. The condition comes over time from making an inflammatory and toxic environment, usually from your diet, your lifestyle, and the way you think and perceive the environment around you.

The same goes for biofeedback. It is a short term gain by putting in or entraining to certain brainwave frequencies, but it is not a long term correction. This truly can only occur with permanent thought, belief, and perception changes. For example, if you were afraid of snakes, then as soon as you saw a snake or even thought about a snake, it would set off a danger frequency emanating from the brain, and that frequency would be sent to every cell in your body producing a stress response. This is necessary in the short term, but detrimental in the long term, so if you had a fear of snakes and kept thinking about snakes, either consciously or subconsciously, that would set off a danger or stress response continually from the brain to the body, which would lead to overworking of your organs, glands, tissues, and cells to the point of premature breakdown or mutation.

At Revolution New Medicine we have dedicated 40 years to researching the specific areas of the brain, which frequencies are produced and emitted under which mental and emotional states, correlating to specific organs and gland functions in the body.

With lung cancer conventional treatment comes chemotherapy, radiation, and possible surgery and immunotherapy. But the question you must ask yourself is: are these physical medications and radiation doing anything to change the brainwave frequencies being generated? If we go back to the fear of snakes analogy: if we give the patient anxiety medication, does that change the fear of snakes? Absolutely not. It’s a temporary patch with 7 to 500 possible side effects affecting other organs, glands, tissues and cells. This is acceptable for an emergency, but not long-term health. The same goes for all conventional treatment, unless it’s emergency in nature — you must get to the underlying cause to correct correct any symptom, condition, or disease.

Biofeedback is a much better step up because it’s artificially entraining you a certain frequency by looking at a monitor and achieving a certain task. That would not change the fear of snakes, but at least it would lessen the need to introduce potentially harmful pharmaceuticals and damaging radiation.

At Revolution New Medicine not only have we mapped the frequencies associated with all mental emotional dysfunctions, but we have also map them to each organ and gland system. This means when a patient comes to us we are addressing the root cause which is the frequency being generated by the brain in response to the subconscious and conscious stress programs stored in the brain and produced by the mind. Only in releasing the subconscious and conscious stress programs can you cause the brain to produce the proper healing frequencies 24/7/365 from that point on. This is the only way to completely heal without being toxic or inflammatory in any way.

With the Revolution New Medicine protocol, we address all causes of inflammation, toxicity, and imbalances in the body, from the mind, to the brain, to every cell in the body. When the subconscious and conscious stress programs are released, the person no longer is in a danger or fear and stress mode, but instead shifts to a calm, restful, peaceful mode. These frequencies are now generated from the brain to all hundred trillion cells in the body, and this is what produces health and healing with no side effects, no detrimental effects. This is how you heal. This is how to live life to the full in body, mind, and spirit.

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