We usually expect there to be a correct balance point for any system. Climate is a perfect example: we think we know what the climate should be, and when we experience unusual temperatures, storms, or drought, we think that is improper. These days we talk about “climate change”, as though there is a correct climate, and any shift from that ideal is wrong. Actually, the climate is always changing: it is a system which is constantly rebalancing based on ever-changing solar input. Daylight periods and the sun angle change as the earth orbits the sun because of the axial tilt, constantly changing the warm and cool areas across the world. The temperature differences cause air movement (wind) to try to equalize the temperatures, but it never succeeds because the solar input keeps changing, causing the climate to constantly be in an imbalanced state trying to become balanced. “Abnormal” storms are merely stronger attempts at balancing the climate. Without robust responses to the build-up of warm and cold air masses, life on this planet would become very difficult if not impossible, because no region would be receiving proper amounts of water, oxygen, or food for survival. We survive because the planet is constantly attempting to rebalance.

Our bodies must constantly rebalance also, because the conditions facing them are constantly changing. At certain ages, we may be growing or developing in ways not appropriate at later stages of life. Our environment changes as our families, work, food intake, activity levels, and infectious disease exposures are never quite the same from one day to the next. Stress is a sign of a strong imbalance which may require a “storm” to correct. Whatever the challenges, our bodies are equipped with extremely complex, robust response systems which constantly rebalance the body based on the challenges it is currently facing.

Sadly, when it comes to helping the body with unbalancing challenges, we are often our own worst enemy. We give our most precious physical possession harder challenges than its balancing systems can compensate, by depriving it of what it needs while giving it more of what it doesn’t, while it valiantly works with what it has been given to attempt balance. Add to that the impacts of drugs, which generally are short-sighted and limited in the new balance they are trying to create, because they often create more imbalances which we call “side effects”. The result of all this is usually a system that is stuck out of balance trying to do the only thing it knows to do: restore balance.

A case study
In seeking to understand cancer, researchers look to various signaling proteins to see which appear at high levels in cancerous tissues. Frequently cell signaling is changed in cancer, such that normal signaling is perverted to have different effects in cancerous tissue than normal tissue. Cells called “fibroblasts” exist in cancerous tissues, but they have a perfectly valid purpose in a healthy body. In fact, they are vital in building the extracellular matrix that provides the structure to hold tissues together. When tissues need repair, they are vital in giving the new tissue strength so it doesn’t just fall apart. Tumors, however, also need structure, and this is where a good thing becomes bad.

Fibroblasts produce two proteins which act mostly in opposition to each other. A key aspect of how the body balances is by increasing or decreasing levels of signaling proteins. Sometimes is produces more of the counteracting protein when it needs to change the balance quickly, rather than waiting for the levels of the opposite protein to decline, which can be a slow process. One such protein, called Grem1 (or gremlin 1) works to inhibit the action of “bone morphogenetic proteins” (BMPs) that are secreted by connective tissue cells and are pivotal in making the tissue and bone structure. The other protein, “meflin”, enhances the BMPs.

In a study published in Gastroenterology, by researchers at the Nagoya University in Japan, found that either decreasing levels of gremlin 1 or increasing levels of meflin, which counteracted gremlin 1, slowed the proliferation of colon cancer cells. While Grem1is a necessary part of bone formation as it develops the support structure where minerals are deposited to make bone, and it also plays a part in intestinal tissue development, where it activates intestinal reticular stem cells (iRSCs) to produce the intestinal mesenchymal sheath.

The study found that the levels of gremlin 1 are higher as colon cancer spreads, so their assumption is that this protein should be reduced or neutralized, or that higher levels of its counterpart meflin should be introduced to slow cancer development. This is a common approach with modern medicine: alter a balance in the body because they find that disfavors cancer. The question that is often not asked, however, is, “Why are the levels of the ‘bad’ protein abnormally high?” What changed the balance, and why did the body produce higher levels of Grem1?

Damage from forcing imbalance
An Ohio State University study, published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, found that “chemotherapy-linked neuropathy (damage to nerves) can affect balance/gait even years after treatment ends”. A similar study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, conducted by Oregon Health & Science University, found peripheral neuropathy symptoms in nearly half the women treated with various chemotherapies, and those symptoms lasted for years. This is just one example of unbalancing the body beyond its ability to correct. Because chemotherapy often focuses on one goal, it often neglects broader, complex balancing mechanisms and may drive them over the cliff.

A natural balance
When levels of an activating protein change, the body is detecting a new “balance point” and produces the protein to reach the new balance. Artificially overriding the body’s balancing process with drugs may have the desired effect, but will have other effects as well that may not be as desirable. The natural way to change the body’s balance is not by force, but by influencing it. Rather than working to replace the body’s function, it works through the body to suggest a new balance.

To achieve a healthier balance, we first look to the source: the mind. This ultra-complex machine we call the body is directed by the mind. We aren’t aware of most of it, but many signaling protein levels shift constantly as the mind tells the body what it needs to happen. These tell the body what are its new balance points. Providing the body with the water, oxygen, nutrients, and rest that it needs helps it more effectively respond to what the mind is directing. The result is improving health.

Starting from the top (the mind) and providing the body with what it needs to carry out the mind’s instructions is the natural way to balance into health. One way to look at disease is the violent “storm” where the imbalanced body detects a crisis and uses its full resources to attempt the rebalance. The immune system often responds to a crisis with its heavy artillery, inflammation, which leads to damage to healthy cells as well. We can often prevent the storm from ever being necessary if we keep a healthy balance.

You can do this. You have more power, more control than you realize.

Dr. Nemec’s Comments:
Balance is the key of life. Let us just look at blood pressure as an example. If a person has extremely high blood pressure (as many have had that have come to Revolution New Medicine) and they are taking 3 or 4 medications to decrease it, yet even decreased it is not normal — and besides this, each one of those medications has between 7-500 side effects: side reactions going on at a cellular level. What is the meaning of all of this? The body naturally raises blood pressure to move more blood under: stress, dehydration, low oxygen, inflammatory food consumption, incorrect sleep amount or pattern, not enough health exercise, being exposed to chemicals and/or toxins– just to name a few. What of this list did the blood pressure medication address? None of them! It only made the body more stressed and more toxic than its original state. So what is the answer? Look to balance the mind and body, look to release the subconscious and conscious stress programs, look to breathe more oxygen, drink more water, eat anti-inflammatory foods, get better sleep, start a consistent exercise program, avoid taking chemicals/toxins into your body, and most important of all — pray. This means listen to who you ARE and who is speaking to you, not to who you appear to be.

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