You’re living in a world of Wi-Fi computers and 5G phones, and no doubt have heard warnings about what those EMFs could be doing to you. Yet you also know that there are EMF therapies that can improve your health. So which is it — are EMFs good or bad? To answer that, let’s look closer at what EMFs are doing.

Remember that EMFs are light waves, even when outside of the visible light frequency spectrum; and that they consist of photons, which are tiny segments of energy — each is called a “quantum.” These segments are like packages that can act in some ways like particles, and the amount of energy in that package is higher when the frequency of the EMF is higher. As the frequency goes up, its inverse, which is the wavelength — the length of time from the top of one wave to the top of the next — goes down (wave tops get closer together, so less time occurs between them).

Hit or miss
When a photon passes close to an atom, it may interact with an electron, or it may miss. If the frequency of the photon is a close enough match to the electron’s spin frequency, the photon energy transfers to the electron spin and the photon is absorbed. Since the photon has no mass, that transfer of energy means the annihilation of the photon. It also means that the electron is spinning at a higher energy level and with enough energy it will spin off completely and leave the atom, creating a charged ion. This changes the way the atom wants to bond with other atoms to form molecules. So the photon, by hitting the electron at the right frequency, can change molecules. And that means it changes chemical reactions, which means biochemically that it can change reactions in your body.

The EMF photon frequency may not be close enough to the electron frequency to interact. Electrons have spin frequencies which differs with different atoms, and the photon has its own frequency. Increasing the number of photons or their energy increases the chances of a “hit”, or interaction with the electron, but if the frequency is not a precise match, then the hit is less effective and takes more energy to change the electron’s orbit. When the orbit is changed but not enough to spin off the electron, the electron kicks into a higher energy level at a further orbit from the nucleus of the atom. This is usually unstable, and the electron will eventually return to the lower orbit, releasing energy in the process. This creates a reversible energizing/de-energizing cycle. An example of this is phosphorescence: first photons charge up the electron orbits, and then when the light is removed the returning of the electrons to lower orbits releases new photons.

This interaction of the energy of the photon changing the atom by putting its energy into the electron and sometimes forcing the electron to leave its orbit ties energy into the physical world. In rough terms, energy changes physical particles into higher energy versions of the same particles, or into different particles through ions which bond to other atoms and form different molecules. Now that you understand quantum mechanics (just a tiny bit perhaps), let’s see why different EMFs react differently in your body.

Tuning in
Your eye is an example of the right molecules being present to catch photons in the visible light frequency range. These photosensitive molecules have the right frequency spin to catch and absorb light coming to them at the tuned-in frequency. This transfers energy, which is then used to send the signals to your brain that tells it that light of a certain frequency (that is, color) has just hit that portion of your eye. Other colors and EMF’s outside the visible range won’t react — the photons miss or reflect.

Remember that photons won’t stop until something absorbs them. They don’t require any physical media to move them along, as does sound, so they are independent of air, water, or any media. But strong enough EMF’s, even though not matching the ideal frequency to be caught by atoms that they pass by, their sheer strength may force an electron reaction, especially if the resonant (tuned-in) frequency is not far off from the ideal. Enough infrared or ultraviolet light can damage your eye even though you can’t see those frequencies.

So can stray EMF’s, ones you are not tuned to, hurt you? The answer is “yes” — the photons of radio waves, x-rays, or gamma rays can force their way into electron spins. Only a small percentage of mis-tuned EMF’s will do this, but extended exposure to stronger EMF’s will have some impact. The higher the photon energy, as in ultraviolet on up through gamma rays, the more dangerous they are because of that energy.

Good EMFs?
You might argue that even without man-made EMFs, we still live in a world of natural EMFs, so are all EMFs bad for us? Not all are. Visible and near-visible light can be very beneficial for some cell functions. We know, for instance, that exposure to sunlight promotes vitamin D production. The process is described in an article published in Dermato-endocrinology, where sunlight EMFs are absorbed (the photon energy is converted into energy in the atoms it hits) by 7-dehydrocholestrol and converted into provitamin D3. Then through isomerization (the molecule changing shape and potential interaction with other molecules, but not its formula), this becomes true vitamin D. Most cells in your body have a vitamin D receptor, and without sufficient vitamin D you cannot regulate calcium and phosphate metabolism which is necessary for many metabolic functions and bone maintenance.

Other good EMFs are those the body itself produces (heart, brain, and all cells) which are used in cell to cell communication. Therapies in these frequency ranges that are meant to cooperate with and coordinate these natural EMFs are helpful. Frequencies in this range, which is a very low frequency range, that are not working in harmony with the body’s EMFs (such as 60 Hertz house current) are confusing to the body, like an out of tune instrument in a concert. But because they are low frequency, they do not contain sufficient photon energy to ionize atoms. That happens at high frequencies.

The next range of frequencies is radio. In the universe, there is always some background radio radiation, but at low levels. Our bodies ignore these frequencies — they are neutral and nothing in the body is tuned to use them. The question about radio wave damage comes in when the intensity of those waves rises to thousands of times what we would receive in nature, as they have in modern times, and also what happens as the frequency rises, which has also happened because we need to cram more data onto those wavelengths and shorter wavelengths give more room to superimpose that data onto the waves. The sheer intensity can cause interaction by brute force. Consider this when holding a 5G cell phone right against your head, an inch or two from your brain, and talking to someone for extended periods of time. We know what microwaves, which are at the top of the radio spectrum, can do to water-containing food put into a microwave oven.

Above radio waves, the next range is light. Photon energy through the visible light spectrum is still non-ionizing. By utilizing light waves, our bodies are using the highest frequency, highest photon energy available while still mostly avoiding ionization. Not just our eyes use photons to convey information. There is growing evidence that your cells are using visible light photons to communicate. Because these photons are high frequency, they can encode a lot of information in a small amount of time, making them a perfect communications medium — modern communications take advantage of this to encode data onto light and guide the light through fiber optics cables. Light can encode much more information than even microwaves. Published by Cornell University’s arXivLabs collaborative research project, researchers at the Lebedev Institute of Physics in Moscow analyzed cell cultures under no-light conditions to study possible cell communication via light. They observed that cells would emit light photons at the rate of about a dozen per second per square centimeter of cell culture, which is not very much output. But the short and infrequent bursts of light were still sufficient to coordinate growth rates between the cultures. Only a few photons were needed to convey this information because each could carry a lot of data at light frequencies. Also the researchers suggest that these short bursts were extremely effective in piercing through interference (random noise) of the environment.

As the EMF frequency increases above visible light, we require protection from those EMFs because they have sufficient energy to routinely rip electrons from their orbits and ionize atoms. It starts with ultraviolet — we can handle some, especially in the lower portion of that frequency range, but too much is damaging. In this range cell and DNA damage can occur. The body strikes a balancing act with ultraviolet, and strives to protect itself against too much. Our world is designed to protect us: we have the ozone layer protecting us from excess ultraviolet waves. Above ultraviolet, cells cannot make any use of the extreme photon energy — it is universally damaging. Again, we are protected: radiation such as gamma rays, which are the highest energy rays, also come from the sun and are very damaging, but almost all of them are absorbed along the way to us and get re-radiated as lower energy photons. X-ray radiation is also muted, though not as fully as gamma rays.

Work with nature
We were designed to handle certain EMFs, and even use them. Therapies that work with natural waves, especially those of your own body, can be quite helpful. But the overdose of waves that are muted in our natural environment can disrupt natural rhythms and, at higher frequencies, cause significant damage due to ionization. Man-made EMFs are self-inflicted damage. Do what you can to protect yourself from these to maximize your health.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

Electromagnetic waves keep our world and us alive and healthy. Without light we would not exist on the planet. Also with too much ultraviolet light, X-ray and gamma rays we would not survive. So this energy we call electromagnetic fields is very simply energy to keep us at the highest level of health as long as those fields are the right type and the right frequency. The most important of all the electromagnetic fields are those at a very low intensity level. The study by Cornell showed that cells communicate via these light photons and transmit information to other cells to control growth rate. All this communication to grow or stop growing is by light. What does this mean? Well look at it this way: what is cancer? Uncontrollable growth. If light from one cell to another cell can tell it to grow or stop growing, you can see that if an improper frequency was sent we would get a nonstop growth. So where does the electromagnetic field of the body originate from that is controlling all the cell function? Only two places: either the mind or the heart. Which is stronger? The heart is 5000 times stronger but only when one is operating from the heart. If one is living fully from the mind then the mind will control the cells with more fear responses. If the heart is controlling the cells then with more peace responses. So to stay at your highest level of health go into the sunlight but never get burned. Avoid frequencies from too many electrical devices and live from a heart of love and thankfulness instead of a mind of stress, doubt and fear.

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