Do you feel like you running out of energy? Here’s some news for you — that’s impossible, because you are made of energy. Not only you, but everything around you is also made of energy. There’s no lack of energy, it’s simply a matter of how that energy is configured. Maybe “simply” is a poor choice of words, and what is matter really?

You may have heard in school that everything is made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons — the smallest particles that exist. That’s still taught, even though we have known since 1967 that protons and neutrons are made of something smaller called quarks. Quarks are still called “matter”, but the quarks appear to be constantly moving around at high speed within protons and neutrons, held together by some “strong force” that only works in very close proximity on these quarks, making them act in unison to make protons and neutrons.

Various forces exist throughout the universe: gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, and electromagnetic forces are those we’ve discovered. The nuclear forces appear to operate along very different rules than do gravity and electromagnetism; in fact, the rules appear to say that these forces cannot even exist simultaneously, which they obviously do. Various theories have been produced to try to make sense of these apparently contradictory forces. A German physicist named Max Plank proposed that atoms absorb and emit electromagnetic radiation only at specific frequencies, and atoms are “quantum harmonic oscillators”, restricting their frequencies by “quantization.” These frequencies give atoms unique electromagnetic signatures, which we can use to identify atoms through spectral analysis.

Albert Einstein proposed his theory of “special relativity” built on previous discoveries that brought about the idea that matter and energy are interchangeable, through the equation e=mc squared (energy equals mass times the speed of light times the speed of light). This theory also explained the Doppler effect, where sound shifts frequencies when the sound source approaches or retreats, and other observable phenomena. He later introduced the theory of “general relativity”, which ties together gravity, light, and time. We’ve observed that gravity can bend light through direct observation, and virtually all other aspects of his theories have been experimentally verified.

His theories answered the question of why atoms have electromagnetic signatures: when electrons jump from a higher to a lower orbital energy state, energy would be released at a particular frequency; likewise, it took a specific frequency to push the orbit to a higher energy state. Our entire modern world of computing is based on these energy levels, because semiconductors only conduct when the voltage applied is within its energy band, and not when outside, giving the instantaneous “on” or “off” (binary) effect.

What’s the Matter?
How can energy and matter be interchangeable? Einstein introduced the concept of photons, where light is described as consisting of packets of electromagnetic energy. Photons act like particles, but are actually collections or groupings of energy held together in a packet. Quarks display the aspect of having mass, so we consider them to be particles. Indeed, to our knowledge, energy only appears in relation to particles: heat energy is the accelerated movement of atoms, kinetic energy is the energy or motion of something with mass, and light is made of photons with particle-ish behavior, only manifest when the photon interacts with matter. Gravity works between masses. Unless there is dark energy in the universe, which is an untested theory, there is no function of energy without mass involvement. But the quantum model suggests that grouped, bound energy may be the source of the “particles” that are electrons and quarks. Thus energy and mass could be interchangeable if they are both forms of energy. The only way we can determine the nature of fundamental particles is to see if their behavior follows mathematically predicted models. E = mc squared is verified in every nuclear reactor energy plant, yet we can’t actually see the conversion from matter to energy happen. We can only follow the “tracks” left by particles to determine their nature.

Now we come to energy fields and waves. Fields are like the ocean, and waves are like the water waves. Field theory says that energy propagates in fields, which are alternating magnetic and electric forces proceeding out from the energy source in a particular pattern. Quantum field theory harmonizes the behavior of particles (or tightly bound points of energy) with classical field theory. Even in its lowest energy state, matter emits fields of energy. When we look at living beings, we see this concept quantified further: the brain synapses electrically firing in a coordinated repeating pattern, or ion gates in the heart firing rhythmically in repeating patterns, all generate electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). Waves propagate in the field by photons at the speed of light.

Catch a wave
EMF’s are generated wherever rhythmic firing of synapses or ion gates occurs — primarily in the brain and heart. Of these two, the field generated by the heart is over 100 times stronger than that generated by the brain: specifically, the electrical field as measured by an electrocardiogram is about 60 times greater than the amplitude of brain waves, and the magnetic component is about 5000 times greater in amplitude than that produced by the brain. Even brain waves can pass beyond the body and be detected, but the heart waves can be detected up to 3 feet away with magnetometers. This means that your heart EMF field is influencing not only your own body, but others nearby!

Fields of waves are completely unimportant if they don’t carry information. Your house is radiating EMFs from your power outlets and wiring, yet the waves carry no meaning and are just “noise” when they interact with your body. Noise distracts from meaning, acting as interference. But the waves generated by your brain and heart are far from meaningless. Your brainwaves are encoded by your thoughts and brain autonomic functioning, and your heart is modulated by the deepest part of your being — your spirit, and also by emotions.

You experience your pulse quickening when you are angry or worried, while you notice your heart rate drops when you are calm. Since these changes result in different wavelengths emanating from your heart for some distance beyond you, it is possible for your emotions to influence those of others physically very close to you.

This is evident with fear, which becomes contagious. If one person is afraid it spreads like wildfire.

If the heart waves are strong enough to influence people nearby, how much more do they influence your own mind, brain and body? Even the much weaker brainwaves still reach all your cells. And what are these waves telling your cells?

Heartfelt empathy
Your heart rate, and thus the frequency of your heart waves, is changed by a few things. Of course, exercise increases heart rate. But so do anxiety, love, anger, and joy — all emotions have some effect on not only the frequency, but the regularity of the rate. This is “encoding”, where the information conveyed by the wave isn’t just the number of beats per minute, but the variability and intensity of the wave over time. It is very important to understand there’s a difference, an infinite difference, between emotions and the love, joy and peace that reside in your spirit.

In an article published in The Neuropsychotherapist, a researcher showed that cells in a laboratory (in vitro) would respond to external bioelectromagnetic fields emanating from a heart in close proximity. This showed that the heart EMFs were in fact communicating with external cells. They also demonstrated through simple heart ECG charts how the heart waves changed when the subject was first in a state of frustration, and shifted to a state of appreciation: the heart rate variability of the waveforms were statistically the same, but the pattern, and thus the encoded information, changed from erratic and disordered into a smooth, harmonious, and coherent pattern.

All waves are broadcast; that is, they emanate from somewhere and then go out in all directions. Once emitted, no more information is added to the wave. The wave can be interfered with or reinforced by other waves, but the wave encoding is locked in. Cells receiving the wave cannot add more information to it and pass it along. In this way, waves act like orchestra conductors, where all the musicians see and respond to the same signals at the same time. This means that the brain and heart are the body’s conductors, driving their synchronization messages to every cell simultaneously.

The physical heart is not the originator of emotions; this happens in the brain, where it is communicated to the heart, and the heart responds. But since the heart responds so strongly to emotions, and broadcasts them with a strong EMF throughout the body, we tend to say that the messages come from the heart. That may seem like a distinction without a difference, but changing the heart’s emotional response begins with thought — not logic or reason, but thoughts of love, peace, and joy that then pass emotionally to the heart, which provides its powerful broadcast to the body, and even to immediate neighbors.

Brain coordination
The brain is constantly producing many complex waveforms. These are also broadcast through the body, and although weaker than heart waves, they still impact all the cells of your body. Their greatest impact is in other close-by portions of the brain, where they are strongest. These waves interact between segments of the brain that have different functions, bringing them into harmony. A study at the Picower Institute at MIT, published in Cerebral Cortex, shows how crucial these brainwaves are: many synapses in the brain are close to firing at any moment, and the brainwaves may either push them into firing (excitement) or hold them back (inhibition), thus affecting the function of each portion of the brain. And since these waves are broadcast, all the cells receive the same message, resulting in coordination by the same “conductor.” Of course, those regions may be broadcasting messages of their own, so the symphony of brainwaves come together to make the “music” of the brain. If that music is harmonious, the brain functions enhance each other. If the music is discordant, conflict occurs in the brain leading to stress or dysfunction.

This study demonstrated the existence of “ephaptic coupling” where the various parts of the brain that work together to form memories are coordinated by brainwave fields. The researchers first predicted mathematically what should happen if these fields were coordinating the memory engram formation, then verified that the engrams formed as predicted, confirming their theory: the fields “enslaved” neurons, controlling their neural activity and oscillations. They further noted that the fields acted as “guard rails” that stabilized and funneled otherwise highly variable neural activity.

Who’s in charge?
Your brain, and by extension your heart, are multi-faceted. When dysfunction occurs, as we can easily observe in cases of brain trauma or dementia, thoughts can become erratic and nonsensical. For thought, memory, and emotion to work properly, all the components of the brain need to work together. Energy fields, encoded with information that changes in real time, coordinate functions and turn chaos into order. Portions of the brain are responsible for emotions, so when we talk about the heart, we are talking about the deepest emotions and desires of our spirit, and these encode the powerful heart waves felt throughout our whole being.

All of the body is controlled by signaling. We usually consider signaling via nerves and hormones, but we tend to overlook electromagnetic signaling. The EMF signals from the brain and heart reach to all the cells of the body, controlling every organ and gland function. They harmonize the body. That’s why it’s important that they be balanced.

Energy fields are everywhere, all the way down to the forces holding together the individual atoms of our bodies. We are energy, but energy which follows boundaries and rules put there when the universe was created. Energy forms fields which interact with other fields. Our physical bodies are very much a part of the ongoing symphony of our universe, blending in with every fiber of our being. To have harmony with our environment, we must be in tune — not in tune with an undirected, chaotic universe, but a very ordered, detailed, carefully engineered universe which would happily fly into chaos without the constant care of its Creator. And it is this Creator, not the creation, who we tune into to truly harmonize in our hearts and minds, By doing so we cause healthy, healing energy fields to cover our physical bodies — anything else is disharmony, which also means the chaos of dysfunction and disease.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

I like the words of the researcher: the fields “enslaved” neurons, controlling their neural activity and oscillations. They acted as “guard rails” that stabilized and funneled otherwise highly variable neural activity.

The fields control the neurons, control the cells, and control cellular function. But who controls the fields? That’s the big question.

Everything is energy, separated into two forms: particles and waves. Above all, the source of both energies in the body, both particles and waves come from either the mind or the heart. The mind translates it’s energy in the brain which then speaks to all the cells of the body. The heart stands alone. It’s 5000 times the power of the mind and the brain. This means it is the most major player in your health and your life.

There are two types of hearts: a physical heart, which is a pump that moves blood, secretes hormones, is made up of muscle tissue and neurons; but there is a much more powerful heart — an energetic or spiritual heart. This is the biggest factor in your health and your life.

So there are two conductors of the symphony of the body: the brain and the heart. The brain receives messages from the mind and from the heart to send frequencies to the hundred trillion cells in the body so they all work in unison.

The other conductor, which is superior in strength and authority, is the heart, so look at the physical heart as 5000 times stronger than the brain and its influence. Now when you look at the spiritual/energetic heart, you’ve gone into a whole new dimension of energy and influence.

The reason the heart is so powerful is because it is the spiritual and energetic center of the body, of the being. So from a purely physical point of you, the heart is radiating a 5000 times stronger field than the brain, but from an energetic/spiritual point of view, it has no limit.

As we spoke of in this article, there are thoughts of love, thoughts of peace, thoughts of joy — these are still generated in a mind realm, and are from the mind, these are translated in the brain to produce certain electromagnetic frequencies for each one of these thoughts that are generated from the mind, and integrated in the brain. These thoughts have power because the thoughts of love, joy, and peace are very calming to the system.

Let’s shift over to the energetic/spiritual heart. This is the source of love and joy and peace. This does not think about it. This is where it comes from, this is its origin, and is a completely different energy source and amount.

God is love. He doesn’t simply have love — He is love.

The Spirit of God is joy, is peace. His Spirit doesn’t simply have it, but is the source of it.

Can you see the difference made by thinking on thoughts of love, thoughts of joy, thoughts of peace versus being in love, in joy and in peace? Most people would think about times in their life when they felt love, were having fun, and were very peaceful. This is of the thought realm, but this is a very different energy than the energy that emanates from the spiritual/energetic heart.

With every patient we treat and have treated over these last 40 years we address the mind, the brain, the heart, and the body connection. If you do not balance all these connections, it is impossible to heal and to remain in a high level of health. Today so much in the world is only addressing the physical nature of dysfunction and disease — and although this is a worthy cause, it’s at most 10% of the source of the problem.

I was talking to a fellow colleague the other day who developed a very specific protocol for alternative healing treatment, and everything that he told me was right. Then he finished with his excited explanation, and I was waiting for the best part, which never came. It would be like me telling one of our patients, “we’re going to do this for your liver, this for your intestinal tract, this for your immune system, this to detoxify you, and then you’ll be all better!

Now I know everyone wants to hear a short sweet story like that with a very happy ending. It’s simple; it’s clean; it’s doable. All these statements are accurate and powerful — but when we do all these without the 3-D brain imaging and our Heart/Brain balancing treatment, which releases the subconscious and conscious stress programs, and then rewrites the programs; without this, our program would only improve people temporarily, and nobody could heal because we never went to the source, we never went to the conductors of the symphony.

The take-home message is this: you have to do physical things to help the body heal. This is an absolute must, and we’ve done this for 40 years, but without treating the source of the blockage, the source of the imbalance, which is the mind and the heart, everything else becomes temporary.

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