In the last 30 years of treating patients one question has always been asked by my patients “Dr. Nemec how did I get this condition or disease?”

And this is how I explain to them that the condition or disease is not the problem it is only the effect of a bad cellular environment. This is like the computer science or information and communications technology phrase “garbage in, garbage out” meaning whatever you put in is going to come out in the program. Your cells work in communication technology also just a million times more advanced.

So to answer the question: You have this condition or disease because you put garbage in and made a bad environment around your cells which caused them to malfunction into your present state. You have 50 trillion cells and if you put garbage in then a certain percent of those cells are going to die prematurely- this is know as inflammation. If the cellular environment does not change then the inflammation will progress through 6 stages until it culminates with full blown disease.

The good news is that YOU put the garbage in (whether you knew it or not) and YOU can clean up the garbage and make a new health promoting cellular environment which means the cells, tissues, glands, organs and systems will respond to the pure environment by restoring your health and vitality. Almost every cell in your body is replaced in one year. This is like planting new seeds of total health. What you plant today can produce a harvest of health 6 months to one year from now.

Genes are the blueprints and that is all. You are not your genes or your heredity. If you change your environment you will change the expression of your genes.

Experiments have shown that stem cells which are base cells, identical clone cells, when put into different environments in a Petri dish, the same exact cell, but changing the environment that the cell was in, the cells themselves changed form. One environment caused the same identical clone cell to become a muscle cell that would contract. When the environment is switched, it causes them to change into another form which would be a bone cell, yet another change in the environment would cause the same cloned cell, identical cell, to cause them to turn in to be a fat cell.

When you change the environment you can actually change the cells. This is tremendous because all you have to do to reverse symptoms, conditions and diseases is change your environment. Change your environment physically, but also change our environment mentally and emotionally, change how you perceive your environment.

What air, water and food are you putting into your body? Are you getting the proper sleep and exercise? Are you living a fasted lifestyle? Do you spend regular time in prayer, meditating on the Word and being still so you can hear His voice spoken to your heart?

As a man thinks in his heart so is he.