NASCAR appears to just be a race to have the fastest car, but fans will tell you that it is as much strategy and skill as it is speed. Drivers must maximize every advantage for themselves, and anticipate how other drivers will react. They anticipate how variables such as weather, track conditions, and even other drivers’ temperaments will factor into their success in the race. They can’t predict all the variables, so they do everything they can at each moment to give themselves the best odds.

While the drivers get the most attention, they are only part of a much larger team. The entire team, with all members doing their parts, is key to success or failure in each race. From the designer of the car to the pit crew, the driver has a support team that makes winning possible. While you may never be a NASCAR driver, you do drive something even more complex — your body.

If you don’t recognize that your body is a team operation, you won’t be very effective at driving your health. So how can you win your own private race of life? How can you enable your team members to do their jobs to the best of their ability, giving you the winning advantage? Here’s a clue: it’s not done by taking a pill or just doing some exercise or diet once in a while. It’s a lifestyle.

The winning formula
Your body has many mechanisms to keep you healthy, and at the top of the list is your immune system. It’s a system because it is a team of many different types of cells. You may have heard the names of some of the team members: monocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, eosinophils, erythrocytes, natural killer (NK) cells for instance. These could be divided into two sub teams: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. The innate system is a general defense system that does not need training to know what to fight, while the adaptive system “learns” what to attack. Lymphocytes are adaptive and are part of the white blood cell sub team of your immune system that are particularly responsible to fight off what they learn are invaders. They learn this primarily through protein “signatures” that appear on the surface of cells. Even cancer cells show specific and learnable protein signatures.

Breaking down the lymphocyte team even further, there are B cells and T cells. B cells are the tag team, which produce antibodies, which are specialized proteins, that then mark cells for destruction. T cells are the warriors that go out and destroy invaders that they have learned to attack or are marked by antibodies. You need a well populated, well armed, and rapidly moving army of these cells, because they must circulate throughout the body looking for targets, requiring close contact to recognize the protein signature. Without enough T cells, they are spread too thin and will miss some of the invaders; if they are lethargic, they won’t aggressively seek out the invaders; if they are not moving fast enough, they may not reach invaders before they have multiplied, perhaps out of control.

Your winning formula gives the immune system everything it needs, giving it top priority. Here’s what that looks like:

This is obvious. If your immune system’s effectiveness depends on speed, then circulation is paramount. A variety of exercises cause this circulation. Aerobic exercise gets the blood moving quickly, and it also maximizes oxygen supply for the immune cells, keeping them active. Lymphatic exercise keeps another vital immune system circulation system in motion — this is an often overlooked type of exercise. Finally, muscle building helps circulation even when you are at rest, so more muscle mass is improving your circulation 24×7.

Immune systems need rest too. If they are on alert all the time, they can burn out. Give them appropriate downtime, rebuild and rejuvenation time. Without that rejuvenation, you may not have enough active immune cells to do their job effectively.

Now it gets more complicated. All living cells need nutrition. There are many nutrients they need beyond the standard ones you find in vitamin pills. NASCAR has determined the perfect fuel blend to run their cars at peak performance. Similarly, you want nutrient-dense food to fuel your immune system.

You won’t find the fuel blend you need in sugar or processed foods. You may get energy from them, but that isn’t nutrition. You may get some nutrients from processed foods, often because they add artificial vitamins, but they don’t come anywhere close the the vast array of nutrients available in fresh plants. Nutrition comes through food. And food drives the next component of the winning formula, which is…

How the body processes food to get energy is called metabolism. There are three ways your body can metabolize: sugar, fat, and protein breakdown. Of these, fat provides the best long-term energy. Sugar burns very quickly, and many simple carbohydrates quickly break down into sugar. Even protein, though not breaking down as quickly, can’t match the energy profile of fat. Plus, excess protein acidifies the body, requires extra work by the kidneys to eliminate, and doesn’t promote autophagy, which is a valuable “clean-up” process in the body. Excess protein also is broken down into sugar in the body.

But fat metabolism is hard work, and your body will naturally be lazy and grab available sugar first. So will foreign invader cells. The worst sugar hog is cancer by far, which will eat sugar voraciously. Fat metabolism kicks in after sugar gets exhausted, and it is not a fuel source that cancer likes.

If you train your body to metabolize fat, rather than go for “easier” metabolism of sugars and proteins, you become a “fat burner.” This metabolism mode has tremendous value in weight loss, because one obvious fat source is your own stored fat. Eating fat does not promote fat — that’s a common myth. Eating lots of sugar and carbs will store as fat and promotes weight gain. It turns out that being a fat burner is the perfect metabolism for building your immune system!

Ketones make beautiful music
Ketones are produced by the liver as a cellular fuel source when sugar is scarce and fat is available. In periods of fasting, they are produced when your body raids its internal fat stores for energy. When your main fuel source is fat, the same thing happens, but without fasting. Standard medicine distrusts ketone build up when seen in blood tests, because it can be a sign that the body is diabetic and can’t handle sugar properly, but that doesn’t make the fat a villain. In fact, careful dieting with fat is a good path away from insulin insensitivity. So long as the ketones don’t build up to the point that the blood becomes acidic, they are heroes, not villains. They are the natural byproduct of fat burning, and the only way you will become a fat burner.

Your immune system can run on glucose like any other cell, but that puts it in direct competition with cancer. Cancer, however, doesn’t do well with ketone metabolism, whereas the immune cells, particularly the warrior T cells, prefer ketones as a fuel source. This is highlighted in a study published in Immunity, where researchers from the Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan conducted laboratory experiments to observe the interaction between T cells and bacterial invasion. Through metabolic tracers which allowed them to watch the movement of nutrients into the T cells, they observed that the T cells preferred ketone body (KB) oxidation/consumption as a fuel source in the citric acid cycle (TBA, or tricarboxylic acid cycle). Further, the T cells displayed increased capacity to produce IFN-y (Interferon gamma, a powerful cytokine) which increased the T cell fighting capability. Finally, the researchers addressed what influenced KB concentrations, noting circadian rhythm, diet, feeding behavior, and exercise. They suggested that manipulation of KB levels through fasting or ketogenic diets could be an effective strategy to augment T cell responses to infection and in tumors. They cited a study that showed just that…

Published in EMBO Molecular Medicine, researchers at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University München (LMU) in Munich, Germany studied dietary effects on T cell responses of healthy volunteers placed on a very-low-carbohydrate diet. Their results showed that ketones “profoundly impact human T-cell responses. CD4+ , CD8+ , and regulatory T-cell capacity were markedly enhanced, and T memory cell formation was augmented.” That wasn’t all they discovered: they also noted “a fundamental immunometabolic reprogramming” in response to ketones that gave the T cells greater respiratory reserve, cellular energy supply, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) signaling. They concluded that a very low carb diet is a valuable tool to improve human T-cell immunity, and they did not mince words with their final admonition to the medical community: “Rethinking the value of nutrition and dietary interventions in modern medicine is required.”

How about ketones vs. cancer? In a study published in the International Journal of Cancer (IJC), researchers from the Morsani College of Medicine, Hyperbaric Biomedical Research Laboratory, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL conducted animal experiments with direct supplementation of ketones to see the impact on metastatic cancer, measuring survival time and tumor growth rate. They found that the induced high ketone concentrations decreased the viability and reproduction of the cancer cells even in the presence of high glucose, and that the overall survival time for those with metastatic cancer was prolonged by 51% to 69%.

Cancer does not like ketones as a fuel source, while the immune system prefers them. That’s the definition of win-win!

So now you have tools to support your body’s health teams. Not one tool, but many, revolving particularly around nutrition and fat. So how do you use these tools?

Slow and steady wins the race
Ketones are produced when sugar levels are low. Fasting gets you there, but at a cost. Fasting helps clear the body, of course, but during that time no nutrients are coming in either. It’s a valuable tool, but can’t be sustained for long periods. Fat intake gives you the benefits, and is sustainable with nuts, seeds, and the amazing superfood — avocado. Add to that very low simple sugar foods like green leafy vegetables, which are great sources of nutrients especially in the raw state, and you have an immune system that is really humming. You won’t get results like that with medications. You must give your teams the fuel and support that they need.

Immunity is your most effective way to improve your longevity and health. Yes, you are the driver, but you can’t win the race without your team members. Give them the support they need!


Dr. Nemec’s Review

Remember, your immune system is on your side. It’s only goal is that you win — but just like a race there are many factors that have to be accounted for to win this race of total health.

As we covered, your immune cells are part of a team effort, and the three most important parts or influencers of immune function are mind/brain/emotions, diet, and exercise.

Mind, Brain and Emotions

Your immune function is simply a product of your environment: your mental-emotional and physical environment.

How does your mind come into play in this race?

Very importantly, all your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, even your personality all come into play when communicating to the immune cells of your body. For example, let’s say you just won the lottery and you never have to work again. This will be a great day to your mind which obviously produces happy emotions. But the thoughts and emotions are so subjective and very difficult to quantify because of perceptions and beliefs, preconceived attitudes, and various personality types, so when you’re trying to go for the trophy, there’s been no way to truly analyze this aspect of your health — until recently.

Your brain, the game changer
Your brain takes all the thoughts of your mind, processes them, and sends them to appropriate cognitive areas like decision making, and also sends them to emotional processing areas in the brain. These emotional processing parts of your brain are what produces the emotions that you feel and sense, and they all come from the brain which originated from the mind.

What you think on in the mind is processed through the brain and manifests through emotions in the body, and as we all know, emotions in the body affect the well-being of the body. Which do you think is more beneficial to your immune system — to be happy or sad, to be bold and confident or fearful?

Ketones are by far the best fuel for the cells in general, and absolutely the best fuel in countering aging and cancer cell growth and metastasis. But not all ketones are created equal. Let us explain: when your primary fat source is animal fat, this is saturated fat, which is a storage depot in an animal’s body for excess of chemicals, toxins, waste products, hormones, and inflammatory molecules. It is also a primary source of arachidonic acid which stimulates a highly inflammatory pathway at the cellular level. So yes, if you eat animal fats, you will produce ketone bodies but you’ll produce a lot of other factors that will greatly hinder you in winning this race.

One of the cardinal rules is do not do some thing for your health that helps one thing and hurts another!

So yes, if you’re eating animal fats, you will produce ketone bodies in your metabolism, but you will also have a whole slew of inflammatory molecules, chemicals, toxins, and hormones stimulating growth. circulating throughout your system. You are not going to win the race this way because your adversaries will have the winning advantage with this type of fat.

Highest octane fuel
In this race, you need the best fuel available with no impurities at all. This only comes in two forms: living and raw uncooked plant fat. This is the only fat that will guarantee your success for the following reasons:

  1. Living and raw plant fats do not have the toxicity and chemical components of animal fats. They are 100 times less toxic.
  2. Living and raw plant fats not only do not contain inflammatory molecules, but they do the exact opposite. They are extremely anti-inflammatory.
  3. Living and raw plant fats have absolutely zero hormonal influence to stimulate growth of the wrong type.
  4. Living and raw plant fats are the supreme fuel because they have biophotonic energy if they’re living, and they have tremendous enzyme quantities if they’re raw and uncooked. All this balances metabolism at a whole new level. A level not even researched, but seen naturally with wild animals who only eat living and uncooked raw foods, their entire lives.

We’re winning the race, but a critical factor still must be addressed. Once you put all this living and raw plant fat into your body, into your bloodstream, you have to make sure it gets to the immune cells and all the other hundred trillion cells in your body, and that can only occur when you move blood and lymph. Your blood circulates throughout your body to every cell in your body and so does your lymphatic fluid, and with exercise it does so accelerated 3 times faster. This means going three times faster in the race. This would require cardiovascular exercise, lymphatic exercise and strength training exercise — all three of these complete the winning team, ensuring the trophy.

So, if you want to have the greatest longevity, the highest quality of life, and the least chance for disease to form in your body, you must make a plan right now, to win this race. Those who don’t make a plan are planning to lose: this is guaranteed. Remember a plan is not enough — you need to stick to the plan, so much so that it becomes second nature to you. Also, very important in achieving your goal is to be accountable: without accountability success is still a low probability.

Why do you say that you ask? Because in 40 years of seeing patients with everything from the most advanced diseases, to those wanting to be healthy at 100, and professional athletes that want to perform at the highest level, one thing is common to all…

The secret to success
If you ask any successful person on the planet, they will all say that they had a plan and stuck to it, but they will also say they had a mentor and someone to be accountable to — without this it is way too easy to get off course and not win the race.

What we have seen in these 40 years is very simply this: those that do not stay under our care for accountability and regular follow up testing almost 95% will fail, even after they have appeared to succeed.

The fatal mistake
We have had many patients over these years heal advanced stage four cancer verified on CT, MRI and PET scans. And then it happens. They think they won the trophy and they ease up on the throttle. They take their foot off the accelerator and in as little as six weeks tumors reappear throughout the body!

How can this be possible?
What they did not realize is that this race is not defined by a certain time span. There is never a finish line in this race of total health. It is a continual race that goes your whole entire life, so you do not win the race at one point in time and stop driving the car — NO! Absolutely not. You must stay ahead of the adversaries continually in this marathon race called your life. This can only be done with a very wise and experienced coach and very specific follow-up testing done at very regular intervals. This is how we have helped thousands over the years to not only win the race of total health but much more importantly, how to constantly and continually stay ahead of all the adversaries that are trying to take the victory away from them. At Revolution New Medicine we have used our Nemec New Medicine® MBEB (mind, brain, emotion, body) Protocol to not only continually assess every aspect of the race to ensure victory, but also continual testing mind, brain, emotion, and all systems of the body to make sure we’re always maintaining that first place position.

Make plans today to win your race, and to keep winning your race every day of the rest of your life, and you will have immeasurably more than you can ever think or imagine.

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