A patient shared with me some of the signs of changes in her health. Originally she was diagnosed with cancer and that’s why she sought our treatment and teaching program. But now she understands it’s just about health not disease, about restoring her health throughout her entire body. Some of her exciting changes include her menstrual pain is now very mild nothing like it used to be. Her energy level has gone up tremendously. Her brain is working better than it has in a very long time. She said she’s doing arithmetic in her head now and she hasn’t done that for years. And as I observe she is so much freer then when she began. This is the beauty of the Heart Brain Entrainment Therapy it helps release the subconscious and conscious stress programs that are stored on the hard drive of the brain. Once these release a person becomes more peaceful and more joyful and definitely lighter. This is very important and turning on your immune system.