Scientists in Japan have identified a molecule responsible for making mammals feel full, a discovery that could lead to new ways to treat obesity in humans.

Scientists believe appetite is controlled in a region of the brain called the hypothalamus, and the group of researchers claims to be the first to pinpoint an agent that triggers an increase or decrease in appetite.

The scientists identified the molecule as nesfatin-1, which is produced naturally in the brain.

After injecting the molecule into the brains of rats, the rodents began to eat less and lose weight. The researchers also were able to induce the rats to eat more, by blocking nesfatin-1.

“After we injected anti-nesfatin-1 antibody, these rats showed increased appetite and finally showed a progressive increase in body weight,” said Dr. Masatomo Mori of the medicine and molecular science department at Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine.

Mori said the finding could pave the way for treating obesity, which has become a major health problem in the developing world as well as in economically advanced countries.

There are at least one billion overweight adults across the world, 300 million of them considered obese, according to the World Health Organization.

Obesity has been linked to chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and some forms of cancer.
-Reuters, Nature

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on scientists identify agent that regulates appetite.
The interesting but sad thing in this study is, the scientist believe they have found an actual substance that can regulate appetite. The molecules nesfatin-1, which is naturally produced in the brain. So what they did once they found this, which is a byproduct of the region in the brain called hypothalamus, this is the part of the brain that appetite is controlled and they have found this molecule when injected into the brains of rats caused them to eat less and lose weight. The sad thing with this study is what these researchers hope to do with people by making a drug and selling it for a way that people who are overweight can lose weight. They are going to make available a new drug to lose weight. This is not God’s way. This is not God’s plan. It is not the plan to go in and try to pull out a molecule that works in perfect harmony with the rest of the body and try to synthesize it and put it back into the body. This is where down the road, cancer develops. This is where down the road all other imbalances develop because we are not God. We do not know the master plan of how He created the body and by throwing some drug or some medication in to try to control appetite; we have the potential risk of throwing many, many systems out of balance and the risk of producing all types of other diseases.

So, it’s either going to be God’s way or man’s way. God’s way is the way of truth; it’s the way He created nature. The way you lose weight is not by taking a drug or injecting a molecule into yourself. The way you lose weight is you live a lifestyle that God created. It’s a lifestyle of the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health. And one of those basic steps is eating the proper food that God designed. The God designed food is the food that has been around for 10,000 years. The food that was in the Garden of Eden. The food that was not processed or changed by a world filled, flesh filled, ego filled, person. So when we eat the food that God created, our body goes to the normal body weight.

If you look at nature the answer is simply found. Animals eat mostly all living, and some raw food. They do not eat cooked food. Animals are all at their ideal body weight. Animals are not fat, they don’t carry fat unless it is a protective mechanism in some way, then their body naturally produces it for the protective mechanism. But animals do not get overweight. Lions and tigers do not get overweight. Wolves do not get overweight. Your dogs and your cats can become overweight. Why? And they are also prone to all the diseases that you are prone to, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung conditions, auto immune diseases, all these things. Lions and tigers and wolves don’t get these things. Why? Because they eat living food. Although they eat meat, they eat it in the living state, they kill it and eat. Whereas your dogs and cats eat processed food, cooked food. And it causes all the inflammation, diseases that affect human beings.

So what is the answer? The answer for weight is not to focus on weight. The answer for weight is to focus on your total health. And when you live a total health lifestyle you will not be overweight. You will go to your ideal body weight. And it’s not just food, which the ideal food which was in the Garden of Eden, which is a living/raw plant based diet. But it is also oxygen intake, it is also water intake, it is also the proper amount of sleep, it is also the proper exercise, it is also fasting and detoxifying the body, and it is also living a lifestyle of prayer, meditation and stillness. These all bring the body into balance. Balance in total health. And if you are in total health, you will never, ever be overweight.