Is God Calling You to Be a Total Health Minister? 

Revolution New Medicine begins the next phase of the vision God has shown Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec.  To spread the message of Total Health of body, mind and spirit worldwide.

To be in total health and minister total health to others you must know that life, health and healing flow from the Holy Spirit through your spirit then into your soul (mind, will and emotions) and finally into your physical body. If there are any blockages in any part of the flow of the Spirit then not only will your mind, will, emotions and body lack but you also will not be able to fully minister to others as God designed you to.

Classes will be taken weekly online with live interactive sessions with Dr. Nemec each week. There will be weekly assignments, research papers written, essays written, midterm and final examinations then culminating with a week of intensive instruction in preparation (by staying at Revolution New Medicine in Wheaton, Illinois in the United States) to become a Total Health Minister. Once graduated you will receive a THM (Total Health Minister) diploma and will part of the worldwide Revolution New Medicine network with ongoing live internet sessions with Dr. Nemec teaching you how to minister total health to the people God has brought into your path of life.

You will learn in detail and apply these in your six month training:

Seven Basic Steps to Total Health

This foundational class shows the path to healing body, mind and spirit by balancing the physical, then mental/emotional and spiritual. One cannot heal completely unless they understand that everything in their life has a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual component.  To heal and stay in total health all three must be seen as one.  All three must be healed as one. This class teaches you step by step what is best to promote total health and healing.  Once these seven basic steps are mastered, healing and total health can be natural byproducts.

1. Air/ Oxygen/ Breathing
2. Water
3. Food
4. Sleep/ Sun
5. Exercise
6. Fasting/ Detoxification
7. Prayer/ Meditation/ Stillness

The Perfect Diet 

Macronutrients which consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are most critical to human health not only in their quantities but also in their type. Not all carbohydrate, protein or fat molecules are created equal. Every cell of the body needs each of these three macronutrients in the perfect ratio to sustain life and thrive. When the proper ratios are altered and the types are changed, it can drastically upset the homeostasis of the body. The major types of macronutrients include living, raw, cooked, pH and processed. The differences in types is the truly the difference between life and death of the cells.

Macronutrients Types

Acidic pH


Glucose Transporters
Glycemic Index
Advanced Glycated End Products 


Glycated Proteins 


  • Polyunsaturated
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    • Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • Monounsaturated
    • Omega 9 Fatty Acids
    • Saturated
    • Trans Fats
    • Hydrogenated Fats

The Cell Membrane – The Door that Lets Nutrients and Hormones into the Cell; the Brain of the Cell

Fats and Genes Expression

Calorie Restriction or Calorie Selection for Health & Longevity?

Macronutrients in Diet, Health and Disease

Diet and Disease

How To Know You Are Healed

This class covers the nine blockages that prevent the Truth from flowing from spirit to mind into the body to bring healing of the body, mind and spirit. When you have renewed your mind with the Truth taught on this series, the lies cannot stop you from healing ever again.
The nine blockages/bondages that are covered so that you can walk in freedom in each area are:

  • World
  • Ego
  • Personality
  • Flesh
  • The Five Senses
  • False Belief Systems
  • Religion
  • Time
  • Space 

Once you know the Truth in these nine areas of your life, you can be free.

Seven Stages of Energetic Healing-The River of Life

This class covers the seven stages of the flow of energy that bring health and healing to your physical body, your emotions, your will, your mind and your heart. Each energetic area is covered in detail showing that symptoms, conditions and diseases can develop if they are not brought back into balance. The way you can bring balance into each of the seven energetic areas is covered so you can learn how to be healed from any physical, mental, or emotional symptom, condition or health challenge. In this class you will learn how the body, mind, emotions work together to either keep you in total health or to open the door to disease. The areas covered in this class include:

Energetic 1- Foundation

Energetic 2- Flow

Energetic 3- Emotion/Power

Energetic 4- Heart

Energetic 5- Will

Energetic 6- Mind

Energetic 7- Purpose

Once you know the Truth in these seven areas of your life, you can flow the River of Life, health and healing to every part of your being.

Knowing Who You Are In Christ

In this class you   powerfully learn who you ARE in Christ by first coming to recognize who you   are NOT- the flesh, the old nature, the sin nature, the old man or as we call   it to make the flesh more real: Sally & George. Once you know who   you are NOT then the Holy Spirit can powerfully reveal who YOU ARE in Christ Jesus enabling you to walk fully in the Spirit instead of in the flesh.

Sally & George – Introduction

We have two natures once we have entered a covenant relationship with God our Father in Heaven through our Lord, Savior and Covenant Representative Jesus Christ. The first is our true nature, perfect in every way because it is who we are being a member of the Family of God. The other is our old nature apart from Christ which has been called the flesh, old man or sin nature. In this audio series we have made this old nature more personal and real by calling it by the random names of Sally & George. By giving this sin nature a name, it enables us to be aware, awake and alert to the lies it speaks in our mind trying to take control of our life and in doing so stealing, killing and destroying our living life as a true son or daughter of our Father in Heaven.

Sally & George- Part 1

Sally and George are the random names we chose to represent the memory of the lie that lives within us. Before you came to Christ the memory of the lie had full power over you. Once you entered into the covenant relationship with your Abba-Father through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the power the memory of the lie had over you was broken. This memory of a lie can still have power over you if you choose to give it power once again by thinking on the lies that it speaks to you. The answer is found in taking captive every thought and making it obedient to Christ – Is this Truth or lie?

Sally & George- Part 2

Once you truly understand what covenant means you will be set free from the lies of the mind. Once you have entered the Family of God you have all the birthrights that a son or daughter of God possess. For you this means when you are “in Christ,” in your new nature, you are perfect, and the Father sees you just as He sees His Son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of Truth now lives within you to reveal all Truth in every situation or frustration.  As Jesus is in this world so are YOU.

Sally & George- Part 3

  • The Laws
    • The Law of the Spirit of Life- The Holy Spirit
    • The Law of Loving God (who is ONE, the only choice) with all your heart, soul,mind and strength
    • Loving your neighbor as God loves them
    • The Law of Faith- Trusting the TRUTH and the Father’s Love for you in everything

Sally & George- Part 4

The Sally or George life you once lived was your story but once you have come to Christ you can change your story because Jesus changed everyone story and now you believe that God believes that you can change your story. Since God believes in you, now you can trust in His belief instead of your own. Remember you are already perfect in His eyes and because God is One you will always be perfect in His eyes. You can never fail so go and persevere until His kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven in every part of your life. You have dominion because you have HIS STORY.

If Now Is The Time God Is Calling You Into Ministry:

Cost of the Total Health Ministers Program is $12,000. This includes all online classes, teaching material, a personal training session with Dr. Nemec and your one week stay at Revolution New Medicine for your final week of preparation for Total Health Ministry.  Payments can be made monthly by bank wire transfer, certified check or credit card (processing fee added).

Payment Options:

One time full payment of $10,800 (10% discount if paid by bank wire transfer or cashier’s check).
Full payment with credit card of $12,000 (full payment discount waives credit card processing fee).
6 monthly payments of $2,000 (bank wire transfer or cashier’s check).
6 monthly payments of $2,140 (if paid by credit card each month).
Payment must be received by the first of each month to continue in the School.


Meet our Total Health Ministers:

I love helping and ministering to people. I knew the Total Health Ministry program was for me when I first learned about it. I am so glad that I went through the program because I feel it has helped me go to a much higher level in my own body, mind and spirit health and I am excited to share the Truth with anyone God brings in my path.

Adrienne Hargrove

 Being a Total Health Minister is an extraordinary gift.  It is an opportunity to walk with someone on their journey into total health by helping them put into practice what Dr. Nemec has prescribed in a practical and encouraging way.  My desire is to stay connected to Dr. Nemec, continuing to learn and grow and do all that is in me to help others on their journey and give what I have been given to share.

Kim Jensen

An alternative Holistic approach to Health – body, mind and Spirit has always resonated in my heart. An alternative Holistic approach to Health – body, mind and Spirit has always resonated in my heart. 

When God lead me to Revolution New Medicine it fulfilled what has always been there. The Ministry Program married two pieces together – the belief of what Real Health is and a deep desire God also placed in my heart to help people walk out Truth and become everything God made them to be – fully in Him. And, to pass on what has freely been given.

Brien Jordan

Before arriving at the Revolution New Medicine as a patient, I didn’t understand that the problems with my physical health were also part of my spiritual journey. But about 4 years ago, I was guided by the Holy Spirit to Dr. Nemec and REV when I “accidentally” heard his radio program on WYLL.  I resonated strongly with his message that the body is designed to heal itself if we would only stop doing wrong things to it (that we are taught are the correct way to live in our American culture).

Before arriving at the Revolution New Medicine as a patient, I didn’t understand that the problems with my physical health were also part of my spiritual journey. But about 4 years ago, I was guided by the Holy Spirit to Dr. Nemec and REV when I “accidentally” heard his radio program on WYLL.  I resonated strongly with his message that the body is designed to heal itself if we would only stop doing wrong things to it (that we are taught are the correct way to live in our American culture).
I have gotten great results from what I’ve learned at REV about living in a more balanced way and from the treatments I’ve received.  Dr. Nemec’s treatments and teachings have put me back onto the track to radiant good health, even though I’m 67 years old and have suffered from various health conditions for many decades. Not only have most of the conditions that were present when I first arrived largely cleared up, but I am healthier today than I have been for decades. This is the best anti-aging program ever!  I have great expectations that as I continue living by the health principles taught by Dr. Nemec, that my total health and balance on all levels – body, mind, emotions and spirit will continue to advance.

I have been so pleased with the results that I’ve obtained at REV, that I want to help other people in their quest to achieve the same benefits so I completed the Total Health Ministry Program.

Celeste Magers