A toxic chemical used in rocket fuel was found in virtually every sample taken in a new study of nursing mothers’ milk.

The multistate study by Texas Tech University researchers, published, found that perchlorate levels in breast milk samples were on average five times higher than those detected in dairy milk pulled from grocery stores.

Perchlorate has been linked to thyroid ailments, and is considered particularly dangerous to children.

NBC News

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Mothers’ Milk:

What all these studies show is simply this. We have and continue to poison and toxify our world. The results are that we are poisoning and toxifying ourselves. Scientific research has stated that up to 75% of cancer is caused by toxins and chemical exposure. This is affecting adults, children and even unborn children in utero.

A recent study showed that 33 chemicals that promote breast cancer formation have been isolated in common house dust.

Also, its important to understand that as you eat up the food chain (animal products including meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products, cheese, yogurt and butter, you concentrate the chemicals and toxins you are taking into your body 16 times greater than eating non-organic plant products. And up to 1000 times greater than organic plant products.

So what can you do to minimize chemicals and toxins being absorbed into the body?

1. Practice deep diaphragm breathing. You detoxify your body 70% through breathing, 20% through your skin, 7% through your urine and 3% through your bowel.

2. Drink distilled water that has been filtered after distillation. This is the cleanest and purest water on the planet.

3. Eat a living/raw uncooked organic plant diet. This keeps your toxic exposure to a minimum.

4. Do a bowel detoxification program and follow up with an ongoing daily bowel detoxification.

5. Do a liver detoxification program and follow up with ongoing daily liver detoxification. Your liver is the most toxic and overworked organ in your body. When it is overburdened, the complete body becomes generally toxic, decreasing the immune system function, opening the door to infection, cancer and autoimmune disease. When the liver cannot keep up with incoming chemicals and toxins, they spill over and cause inflammation and cell death of any and all organs, glands, tissues or body parts. This opens the door to nearly all disease. This is the critical function the liver plays.

The liver is the most important detoxifying organ and immune maintenance organ.

6. Take liver maintenance daily, 3-6 caps two times per day.

7. Take liver detox tea 2-4 cups per day.

8. Do a kidney detoxification program.

9. Do a blood detoxification program with Blood Detox Formula and follow up with TRMA (Blood Purifying Enzyme) and VSCLR (Blood Purifying Enzyme) enzymes, 4 caps 3 times per day for three months.

10. Do cellular/lymphatic exercise daily. This is done on a rebounder along with deep diaphragm breathing.