A patient was recently in for a visit and she shared her story. She started with what appeared to be a bladder infection. Her symptoms were burning with urination and more excessive urination. So she started drinking much more water and after approximately one week it cleared. When she came in she said after the supposed urinary bladder infection she has felt a complete release or freedom and has gone to a whole new level of peace. She wanted to know what had occurred. I explained the body detoxes not only chemicals and toxins but mental and emotional toxins also. These are stored as subconscious programs that people are not even aware of. But our most powerful therapy at Revolution New Medicine is a Heart/Brain Entrainment Therapy. This therapy not only helps release conscious stress programs these are the ones you’re aware of with people in your present situation or your past. But the deepest ones that you are not aware of are the most damaging. These subconscious stress programs started ages 0 to 6 and you have no idea that they’re even there, they’re just playing in the background. But by having a subconscious stress program playing in the background 24/7/365 you constantly are secreting stress hormones which suppress immune function, cause inflammation in the digestive tract, and this is the root source of inflammation in the body. You must release these and if you do release these you will walk in a whole new level of freedom as this patient experienced. These stress programs are in the brain, are in the mind, and are in the body and in her case she experienced the physical release in her bladder and urinary track. No healing occurs unless you heal the subconscious and conscious stress programs. Cut out a tumor without healing these programs and it’ll just come right back. The same applies to all disease. There is no disease that is just physical — it must start in the mind.