The 9 Reasons Why People Do Not Heal from Cancer:

Toxins and Chemicals

Toxicity Affects Everyone Today

In a study led by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, researchers at two major laboratories found 167 chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides in the blood and urine of adult Americans. None of the volunteers worked with chemicals on the job. All lead healthy lives. Yet the subjects contained an average of 91 compounds – most of which did not exist 75 years ago. In total, the subjects carried:

•76 chemicals linked to cancer in humans or animals

•94 chemicals that are toxic to the brain and nervous system

•86 chemicals that interfere with the hormone system

•79 chemicals associated w/ birth defects or abnormal development

•77 chemicals toxic to the reproductive system

•77 chemicals toxic to the immune system

Toxins and chemicals damage:

  • Enzyme activity- key in all life of the cells
  • Protein synthesis- affecting transmembrane proteins receptors, channels, gates, enzymes.
  • Nucleic acid function (DNA and genes)- passed at least 4 generations
  • Cell membrane permeability-the brain and life of the cell


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