Reasons Why People Do Not Heal from Cancer– Summary


The 9 Reasons Why People Do Not Heal From Cancer

  • Environment of Inflammation & Toxicity
  • Cancer Stem Cell
  • Food – the key that opens the door
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Growth
  • Conscious and Subconscious Stress Programs
  • Toxins and Chemicals
  • Inflammation- 10 causes
  • Energy Metabolism- ATP
  • Cellular Communication

The Cancer Killing Approach and the Cancer Healing Approach

  • When a person gets diagnosed with cancer there are three approaches one can take: killing, killing and healing, or just healing.
  • Killing cancer is what chemotherapy and radiation do. These are effective in killing non-stem cancer cells but not in killing the source of cancer, which is the Cancer Stem Cell. What this means is the tumor will shrink but will eventually grow back because the Cancer Stem Cell will just made more cancer cells.

Will chemotherapy and radiation alone get rid of my cancer?
Chemotherapy and radiation damage all cells with strong chemical toxins and x-ray/gamma ray radiation. This will only kill the non-stem cancer cells but the Cancer Stem Cells will produce more non-stem cancer cells that are chemotherapy resistant. So killing without healing is not usually the best choice because you are inflaming your body with toxic chemicals and not doing anything to resolve the inflammation that was there in the first place that caused the cancer.


Revolution New Medicine Programs

  1. Outpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-has the most benefit of teaching, treatment, live classes and personalized coaching. This program has the most contact with Dr. Nemec with 3- 6 month programs that can be turned into a regular checking and support program for life. This is our core program that has helped so many restore their health and maintain that restoration for years.
  2. Inpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-is our four-week intensive inpatient program for those that are not in driving distance, usually over 4 hour drive. This is the program that is an intensive jumpstart with treatment, teaching, live classes and coaching designed for all our international patients along with those in the US that do not live in Illinois. This program is very effective especially when combined with our new membership program support.
  3. Stay at Home Program-is offered to continental US patients who cannot come to Revolution New Medicine but still want a more personal, customized plan to restore their health. This program also includes our Learn Membership Program.
  4. Membership Program is our newest program offered for those that want to work on their health at a high level and want access to the teaching at Revolution New Medicine along with the Forums: both Dr. Nemec’s posts and other members posting. And also, to have the chance to get personalized questions answered on the conference calls which are all archived in case you miss the call. The Membership Program has 3 levels to choose from: Learn, Overcome and Master. The difference is at the Overcome and Master levels you received one on one calls with Dr. Nemec personalizing your program for your areas of focus.