The 9 Reasons Why People Do Not Heal from Cancer:


In the over 35 years that we have been treating patients at Revolution New Medicine we have condensed our research and findings to 9 major reasons why people do not heal from cancer. If these 9 reasons were corrected the outcome would have the possibility to change. In this informative 10 video series we will be sharing each of the 9 reasons and then summarizing the action steps to take to start addressing them.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Why cancer will never heal until you heal the environment that produced the cancer stem cell which is the root of cancer. Cancer stems cells cannot be killed by chemotherapy or radiations therapy so improvement with these therapies are temporary because they only killed the non-stem cancer cells (worker bees) produced by the cancer stem cell or the queen bee of the beehive.
  • If you do chemotherapy no matter how much improvement you have the final state of the body is more inflammatory and more toxic then when you started. This must be addressed in a healing program otherwise your results are only TEMPORARY.
  • If you do not remove the 10 causes of inflammation then you do not reverse the effect of this inflammation which is cancer cell formation.
  • Food is much more than I eat unhealthy or healthy food. Diet needs to be personally customized to the individual or else you are still leaving an open door to inflammation.
  • Toxins and chemicals damage and destroy cells and can mutated the DNA replication process which is another trigger for cancer cell formation. These must be discovered and eliminated.
  • There are different types of growth that occur within cells. One type is regenerative and reparative the other is uncontrolled and an open door to cancer cell formation and propagation.
  • Most immune suppression comes from stress programs stored both consciously and subconsciously. Learn what the difference is and how to address this most important reason why people do not heal from cancer.
  • Cells need energy to maintain life and there are certain pathways of energy that promote that energy. Learn how cancer cells differ in their energy pathway and the way to shift that pathway in the correct health promoting direction.
  • Cells are constantly talking to each other with cellular communication. Learn how cancer cells do not obey the normal communication signals between cells leading to uncontrolled growth.

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The 9 Reasons Why People Do Not Heal From Cancer

  • Environment of Inflammation & Toxicity
  • Cancer Stem Cell
  • Food – the key that opens the door
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Growth
  • Conscious and Subconscious Stress Programs
  • Toxins and Chemicals
  • Inflammation- 10 causes
  • Energy Metabolism- ATP
  • Cellular Communication

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There are three approaches you can choose when being diagnosed with cancer. The video series will address these.

The Cancer Killing Approach and the Cancer Healing Approach

  • When a person gets diagnosed with cancer there are three approaches one can take: killing, killing and healing or just healing.
  • Killing cancer is what chemotherapy and radiation do. These are effective in killing non-stem cancer cells but not in killing the source of cancer which is the Cancer Stem Cell. What this means is the tumor will shrink but will eventually grow back because the Cancer Stem Cell will just make more cancer cells.

You must think outside of the normal treatment paradigm if you really want to overcome cancer. This series will address the possibilities.

Paradigm Shift in Cancer Treatment

Instead of trying to kill cancer cells and cancer stem cells we need to look at changing the environment they are living in so they have the possibility to revert back to normal stem cells.

Cancer stem cells are the small number of cells within a tumor that drive the tumor’s growth. These cells generally make up just 1% of all cells in a tumor.

They are the queen bee of the beehive that make all the other bees.

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