So many studies show the benefits of probiotics in the digestive tract that their value has become common knowledge. They aid digestion, ease bloating, diarrhea, and gas, and help nutrient absorption. But studies are also showing benefits to the brain and clear thinking. UCLA scientists, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, and the Max-Delbrueck-Centre for Molecular Medicine have concluded direct connections between probiotic consumption and higher brain function.

Executive Function
The portion of the brain responsible for high-level thinking is the pre-frontal cortex. Reasoning, judgement, and self-control all happen there, helping you to stay calm and think clearly. The brain is living, just like the rest of the body, and the pre-frontal cortex performs better in the right environment. Tests show direct correlation between high beneficial bacteria levels and activity in the pre-frontal cortex. Who doesn’t need clearer thinking and better reasoning capacity, or a calmer attitude?

UCLA researchers found that probiotics did not change emotions, but improved their ability to think and respond. Other researchers ran a direct test on sixty elderly patients with advanced memory loss, giving some a placebo and some probiotics with L. acidophilus and B. Bifidum. Those taking probiotics scored much better in memory testing. Yet another study reversed the tests by wiping out good bacteria in mice with antibiotics – the reverse of probiotic action. The mice almost immediately showed memory loss, and brain cell growth halted. Then, giving the mice probiotics, the researchers saw that their memory and recall improved and their brain cell growth resumed.

Vital Strains
There are about 1,000 species of good bacteria that have been identified to aid the human digestive system, but there are just two primary families that are considered as “key”:

– Lactobacilli, which work in the small intestine.
– Bifidobacteria, which support the colon and lower digestive tract. It has been shown to improve memory and ability to learn in animal studies.

Probiotic bacteria strains are most effective when in balance, and this simply makes sense because they work in different areas and have different benefits.

Benefits of a Clear Mind
If your work requires you think, if your home requires calmness and control, if life requires good judgement and memory — get your gut flora right. Introduce the good bacteria with probiotics, and feed them with a great diet. Then they can improve your body’s environment, which will help give your brain what it needs to flourish. With clear thinking, you can live life fully, rest better, and enjoy more. Your thoughts affect everything you do!

Dr. Nemec’s Comment:
Over the last 35 years we have treated people across the world with most every type of health challenge from advanced cancer to all types of autoimmune disease to every chronic disease of aging, including neurological and mental/emotional. Universally we have found that if you do not restore gut flora and reverse gastrointestinal dysfunction aka “Leaky Gut Syndrome” you do not heal your brain or your body. In the researched publications Leaky Gut always makes a “Leaky Brain” which is inflammatory molecules entering the blood brain barrier cause cognitive dysfunction and mental and emotional imbalance. Everyone we treat is on our probiotic that we have used for many years and have had excellent results with. Remember with disease onset where you have the disease is usually not where the cause is coming from it just the effect of accumulated inflammation.

An Excellent Choice
The Revolution New Medicine offers a probiotic with the right mix of probiotic organisms to support microflora balance. Your digestive tract is the starting point of nutrition to keep all of your body healthy. The Total Health Probiotic is a great first step towards better health AND clearer thinking!

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Dr. Keith Nemec

Clinic Director

Revolution New Medicine

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