New research done at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has shown that diabetes has increased from 6 percent to 10 percent in the last twenty years and pre-diabetes went up an estimated three times higher. Current estimates of pre-diabetes range up to 30 percent in the population.

Total diabetes in African Americans increased as compared to whites (15% vs. 9%). Mexican Americans were next highest for diabetes compared to whites (12% vs. 9%).

Hemoglobin A1c is the most accurate indicator of diabetes because it looks at blood sugar levels average over the last three months. For those diagnosed with diabetes who are currently taking medications, only 52% of African Americans and 43% of Mexican Americans had HbA1c levels less than 7.0% compared with 57% of whites.

-Annals of Internal Medicine

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec’s comments on Pre-diabetes, diabetes almost 200% Increase:

This is an outrage. Diabetes can be completely reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. In our 30 years of treating patients at Total Health Institute most every patient who has diabetes gets off their medication. How do we accomplish this?

We balance the systems of the body with treatments and we teach The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health lifestyle. This includes eating a living/raw plant based diet.

Why is diabetes and prediabetes doubling?  Because Americans has given into to their tastebuds big time. Why is this higher in certain ethnic groups? They will blame it on their genes. That is a lie. Genes do not dictate your destiny but the environment you make around your genes dictates which genes turn on and which ones turn off and you are in control of the environment that you make. If you keep eating starches, sugars, soda pop, french fries, pizza and bread you are going to keep causing insulin to rise which make your cells insulin resistant meaning they see so much insulin they do not even respond to it anymore. This is the boy who cried wolf one too many times and then no one listened anymore. All you have to do is start cutting out the sugars and starches, start exercising every day and get to sleep between 8-9PM. Why does sleep matter? When you do not get enough premidnight sleep you stress your system and this causes the stress hormones to be secreted and these cause your blood sugar to rise getting ready to run away from a tiger.

These big three of Food, Sleep and Exercise are covered in the The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health

Remember it does not matter how much you have failed in the past, today is a new day, today is the day that the LORD has made, so rejoice and be glad that His Holy Spirit will empower you to rise higher than you have ever been. In your strength you will always fail eventually. In His strength you cannot fail because He is doing it through you.