Having a positive outlook makes life more enjoyable, and it may also lower blood pressure.

Among more than 2,500 people, the higher a person scored on a questionnaire measuring positive emotions, the lower was his or her blood pressure.

“Our thoughts and emotions do affect our physical processes,” said the study’s lead author. “The nice thing is that we have some control over that.”

There is evidence that positive emotions can help keep a person’s chemical and neural responses in balance, and help people handle stress better, according to researcher.

To investigate whether happiness might be related to blood pressure as well, they surveyed 2,654 people. About half were men and half were women. All of the subjects completed a questionnaire that ranked their degree of positive emotions on a scale of 0 to 12.

The higher a person scored on the test, the lower their blood pressure was, the researchers found. The findings suggest that targeting people’s emotional well-being could be an effective way to help control their blood pressure, researchers said.
Psychosomatic Medicine

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on positive emotions can lower blood pressure.
What this study showed was very simply how mind affects body and actually we would like to say on the other side body affects mind. So what you do in the mental/emotional realm your affecting the physical and what you do in the physical realm is affecting the mental and emotional. So in this study, what they found was a higher person scored on the questionnaires ranking their degree of positive emotions on a scale from 0-12, the lower their blood pressure was. The the effect was strongest among people who weren’t taking drugs to lower their blood pressure. But it was still significant for men and women who were taking hypertensive medications. The study closes, says the findings suggest that targeting peoples emotional well being could be an effective way to control their blood pressure. Of course it can. We see this time and time again. It says it in the Word, a merry heart does good like medicine. So, what we’re finding is when we have positive emotions and again, emotions can be questionable because you can be happy one day and sad the next. So that would be a lower blood pressure on the happy days and a higher blood pressure on the sad days.

What’s more powerful than that, is to walk in spiritual states of being which are joy, peace, and love and hope. These are not swayed by the environment or the situations. These are deep within you. These are part of your being when you have covenanted with the living God. When you’ve entered the marriage relationship with the living God. So, when we walk in that relationship we walk in a deep inner peace, joy, love and hope that is not swayed by anything. That is the foundation of total health. Because that affects the mind which affects the body. So I will say it again, not only does what you do to the mind affect the body, and the body to the mind.

But what you do in the spiritual realm when you walk in His love, joy, peace and hope, that affects the mind and body most powerfully of all. So, how can we walk in this? First and foremost we have to enter the covenant relationship. We have to say I Do, to the marriage call of the heart instead of the call of the mind, the old lie filled, ego filled, world filled, flesh filled mind. But we have to say I Do to the heart. The heart is where God speaks the truth. It’s where He puts the passion and compassion, and the drive and the purpose of your life in. How do you know it’s the purpose of your life and that He put it there and it’s not just a product of your mind? Because you have nothing to gain and everything to lose in it, but you still must go forward in it because it is in your heart. This is the key. So, remember, to walk in the highest level of total health you want to balance yourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Because what we do to one, we do to the other parts. After entering the covenant relationship with the living God we want to live the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health each and every day of life.