Dr. Scott H. Simpson of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and his team analyzed the results of 21 studies that included a total of 46,847 people, and report the results in the British Medical Journal. They found that participants who took an active medication regularly were 44% less likely to die during the course of a study than those who did not, while people who adhered to recommendations for taking placebo had a 45% lower risk of death.

Three of the studies were of medications later found to be harmful, and the researchers found that people who took these dangerous drugs regularly had a three-fold greater mortality risk. This suggests, Simpson said, that “we can look at people that have very good adherence versus those that have very poor adherence and see if there’s difference in the rate of those adverse effects, that can tell us something about the harmful effects of the drug.”
– British Medical Journal

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on placebos more healing than medications.
This study reported in the British Medical Journal showed something that should be shouted from the rooftops, should be stated every American should know the results of this study. They found that participants that took an active medication regularly were 44% less likely to die during the course of the study than those that did who did not. That’s not the important part. The important part was this, while people who adhered to recommended for taking the placebo, a placebo is nothing. It is an inert substance in a capsule so a person thinks they are taking something that will help their health. They had a 45% lower risk of death. Let me state this again, taking drugs and medications which toxify the liver, which cause undo stress and many side effects and many long term health problems, had a greater likelihood to die than those who took nothing. Those who took a placebo, and inert substance in a capsule that they thought they were taking something to help their health. This shows the power of the mind. First of all, because when you believe in something it works, even if nothing is in there. But the most important thing is, in our overall medicated society which is causing increased risk of death and increased toxicity in the system which decreases ability to live life in the full due to more symptoms, conditions and diseases in the body, and actual nothing pill with nothing in it had a greater success rate by 1% than taking the medication. This needs to be understood by America.

When we live these steps day in and day out as a lifestyle, we can live a healthy full life as God designed us to live. Medication should only be used when utmost necessary in emergency situations. When people are overmedicated which a majority of all Americans are, as this study showed, if they would just take nothing and think that the nothing in that capsule was doing them good, they would do better than taking a toxic medication.