Exposure to pesticides causes changes to rats’ nervous systems, according to preliminary results of a project led by the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota (UND).

The project seeks to identify the dangers posed by pesticides, how exposure occurs, and ways to reduce pesticide-related human health risks.

In laboratory tests with rats, the researchers found that pesticide exposure caused changes in the same areas of the brain involved in multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pesticides can also cause severe damage to the gastrointestinal system and cause neurological dysfunction, the researchers said.
-University of North Dakota, news release, HealthDay News

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on pesticide exposure damages nervous system, brain, and gastro-intestinal system.
What this article showed was that pesticide exposure caused changes in rat studies in the same areas of the brain involved in multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. They also found that pesticides can also cause severe damage to the gastro-intestinal system and cause neurological dysfunction. Many other studies have shown that pesticide exposure increases cancer risk and once you have been diagnosed with cancer the best choice is alternative cancer treatment. What we have to realize is that we are toxifying the world we live in with our toxic lifestyle.

Chemicals are being pumped into the air, the water, and the food. So the only way around this is a two fold answer. Number 1, try to change the laws, try to change the government to put more restrictions on the chemical produces that are toxifying the world. That is a much slower way, a way that we do need to adopt, but a way that we will not see the change immediately. The second fold of the two fold approach is to make personal changes in our life that will have immediate benefits. So let’s look at where these pesticides and chemicals and toxins are coming from. Pesticides of course are sprayed not only on non organic food, fruits and vegetables, but also one of the highest sources of pesticides are just what’s in your home, what you would be putting in your lawn and garden. So how can we minimize pesticides and all other chemicals? Well we have to look at the 3 sources, air, water and food. So, we’ll look at air first? How can we make the purest air? Well we want to breath fresh air, we don’t want to be exposed to chemical, it is very important we minimize chemical exposure.

The biggest source of chemicals in a day to day environment in breathing, is when we are inside buildings, and inside newer homes, or toxic chemical laden buildings. This is why the more we can open windows and get ventilation, the more we will minimize that risk. We can also use certain air purifiers,  that are designed to detoxify chemicals in the air, and make it pure air (call the Institute for more information on the Fresh Air at 630-871-0000). The second is the water. And the way we are going to purify the water is by putting shower filters, like the Waterwise Shower Filter System on our showers so we do not absorb the chemical and toxins from the ground water and from the water being put into our body. Because we breathe in the water vapors, which chlorine gas is very toxic and we breathe it in in a standard 20 minute shower, we breathe in an excessive amount of chlorine and also we absorb 2-3 pounds of water in a 20 minute shower in through our skin, and again if this is non filtered water, this is toxicity entering the system, so we use Waterwise Filter System for the shower, and we can put carbon filtration systems for the whole house. I do not recommend drinking that water, but at least we’re reducing the chemical load that would go on our hands, skin and going in the water that we use daily. And then as far as drinking water, we recommend steamed distilled post carbon filtered water for the purest water on the planet.

And the Waterwise 8800 unit is one of the best on the market to do this. So we have fresh air, pure air, pure water now we want to get the chemicals out of the food. And this is pure living raw, organic plant based food. It is the purest food on the planet and it’s the most health promoting on the planet in every way. It’s the food that the planet started with in the beginning of creation and it’s the food that will sustain this planet for the years to come. When we adopt a living, raw plant based lifestyle, not only do we bring the highest level of health to our bodies, minds and emotions from a dietary aspect, but also we promote the saving of the resources of the planet and the tremendous amount of waste and cost that is produced in promoting an animal food, animal diet lifestyle. This living, raw organic diet consists of vegetables, root vegetables, sea vegetables, sprouts, sprouted material, seeds, nuts, avocados, and legumes. All in the living, raw state. The more we cook, the more we kill, the more we destroy the two most important nutrients in the food which is the bioenergy and the enzymes. The bioenergy is the life in the food, and life brings forth life, and the enzymes are critical for biological functioning in the cells of the body. And the enzymes are denatured by any heat higher than 110°F. This heat destroys all enzyme activity. So when we cook food, even wonderful plant based food, we destroy the two most important nutrients, the bioenergy, and the enzymes. So if we adopt the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health lifestyle, we promote health at the highest level in body, mind, emotions and spirit.