A new study in rats suggests a link between personality and cancer susceptibility.

Researchers at the University of Chicago say timid rats were more likely to develop cancer and to die sooner than more “adventuresome” rats. The findings suggest the need to examine the links between behavior traits and cancer in humans, the team said.

For this study, the Chicago group used a breed of rats prone to breast and pituitary tumors. Female rats that appeared apprehensive of new experiences as infants remained that way as they grew older. They also died earlier of breast and pituitary tumors than their braver sisters.

The more timid rats were also more likely to have irregular reproductive cycles than the tougher rats — 52 percent vs. 22 percent. This disruption may account for hormonal differences associated with the development of cancer at an earlier age, the researchers speculated.

By the time they were 390 days old (middle age for rats), 80 percent of the timid rats had developed mammary cancer, compared with 38 percent of the bolder rats. The timid rats had an average life span of 573 days, compared to 850 for the more adventuresome rodents.
University of Chicago

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemecs comments on Personality influence on cancer risk.
What this study showed was timid rats developed mammary cancer 80% of the time when they were bred for this type of cancer. Where bolder rats, only 38%. The timid rats had an average life span of 573 days, where as the more bolder, more adventuresome rats had a life span of 850 days. So, what this means to you is, you can’t change your personality, but what you can do is live fully in the moment and take the gifts of your personality and live them fully. So, if a person is more quiet, more restrained personality, more Type C personality, doesn’t want to make waves, wants to please everybody, studies have shown that person has a higher cancer risk. But, this does not have to be if first they stop living from their personality, but use the gifts in their personality to touch those around them and second that they don’t live from the ego side of the personality.

When a person doesn’t want to make waves and doesn’t want to upset anyone, and doesn’t want to have anyone think any negativity, or think lowly upon that person. That’s just another byproduct of ego, which means you are on the throne of your life, instead of God being on the throne. So, when we still our mind, when we walk in this total health journey, when we decide to go forward and break free from the bondage of the old nature, the old mind, the old will, the old emotions, and this ego that binds us and keeps us so tightly under our control, then we will follow what the Spirit of God has put into our heart. When someone is walking in that, even if they are a Type C personality, they’ll know when to speak up because the Spirit of God will prompt them to speak up, to speak the right word at the right time in the right situation. This brings health and healing to the body. This will not cause an increase of cancer because a person will be not storing up negativity but instead they will be releasing what the Spirit of God has put in them.

Yes, they will still be a Type C personality, yes they’ll still be more quiet than the average stronger more dominant Type A personality, but they should have no more increase of any disease when they are walking fully, obeying what God has put into their heart and always remembering that whether you eat or you drink or whatever you do, you do it all to the glory of God, and this includes your personality. Your personality can glorify God as long as it’s opened up to the leading of the God’s Spirit in each and every situation. The way to balance the personality so that the Spirit of God can flow through you powerfully is to balance your whole being and that is what is done with the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health.