A patient was in today and she shared a story about what happen with her this week. She had called her sister who she does not get along with because of how mentally and emotionally toxic her sister is. But she wanted to call to wish her happy birthday. Her sister proceeded to do the things she does every time: rant and rave, complain and find fault which would usually cause my patient to entrain to this toxicity and be out of balance for quite some time. But this time was different this was the first time she had talked to her sister since she started treatment at REV. She said it was amazing “I was able to listen to her while not listening to her but instead I was listening to God for something I could give her to help her”. She said usually this could never occur because she would get so emotionally upset with the words her sister was saying that she would look forward to the end of the call. But now she was able to tune her out and listen to the voice of God speak to her spirit to her heart and when her sister stop talking she shared what she had received. Her sister responded “that’s the most sensible thing you have ever said to me”. And the phone call ended very balanced. She asked me what occurred with her sister? What has happened is my patient has released conscious and subconscious stress programs which have made her no longer reactive but able to separate so that she can hear the voice of the Spirit. This voice was always talking but she could not hear because the conscious and subconscious stress programs were so loud they always over powered the quiet voice of the Spirit.