What does it take to move you? This is the big question. In life you are constantly confronted with situations that need decisions of action steps. What does it take to get you to take the proper action steps?

Let us explain with a few examples.

Example 1: If you are trying to change your diet to a living/raw plant diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) but keep making excuses and even when you try, you fall back within a couple of days. Now you get a diagnosis of cancer and you amazingly switch over to the living/raw plant diet with no hesitation and do it without fail. What was the different? Motivation

Example 2: If I told you to walk across a piece of wood one foot wide and 50 feet long that stretched between two buildings 100 stories tall, your response would be “no way”. Now, if I told you to walk across the building 100 feet tall and I would give you a million dollars, your response might still be “no way” or “maybe” or even “I will do it”. The last situation is that I told you to walk across the buildings on the one foot wide board because your wife and children are in the next building and it’s on fire, and the only way of escape is by this one foot wide board to the building you are in. Your answer would then be absolutely there is no question I am going across to get them and bring them back. What was the difference?


What determines how motivated you are?

Motivation can be classified in three groups:

  1. Low or no motivation.
  2. Highly motivated–product of mental power.
  3. Highest motivation–done from the heart.

For those who have low or no motivation, they cannot go forward. They do not have the power to do it, to take the action step.

For those who are highly motivated but that motivation is from mind power, this also will fail for two reasons. First, because the mind is not unlimited and infinite, there is an end to how far it will and can go. Second, those who are motivated by mind power do it for a result (”I do this and then I get that”) mindset. If the only reason you are staying motivated is to get something in return, it will fail eventually.

For those who are in the highest motivation group, their motivation comes from the heart because God placed it in them. For them, there is no end, no limit to what lengths they will go to fulfill what He has placed in their heart. This is the purest form of motivation because it is all spirit, and is heart or spirit power which knows no limit or end. Secondly, those who are motivated by heart/spirit power do it not to get a result but because God has put it in their heart and they choose to obey what He speaks to their heart–never quitting, stopping or giving up no matter what.

To get something done in this life we have to be motivated to take the proper action steps and continue taking these steps no matter what the outcome appears to be. This is true power and this power will overcome any obstacle that is put into its path.

How do you access this type of motivation? The same way you access love–by following your heart, not your mind. When you still your mind, you begin to hear the voice of God speaking to the heart.

The mind is a raging ocean of thought, the heart is a pond of stillness that hears every drop that the Spirit of God speaks.

Begin training yourself today to step out of the comfort zone of your mind and follow your heart no matter what the cost is. When you do you will not be disappointed.