Shedding light on why drastically restricting calorie intake prolongs life span in some organisms, MIT researchers report that lowering the level of a common coenzyme activates an anti-aging gene in yeast.

Calorie restriction extends life span in a wide spectrum of organisms, and has been shown to delay the onset or reduce the incidence of many age-related diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

MIT Biology Professor Leonard P. Guarente discovered that calorie restriction activates the silenced information regulator (SIR2) gene, which has the apparent ability to slow aging during the low-calorie diet. This gene makes a protein called Sir2, which is normally activated by the coenzyme molecule NAD. Guarente has shown that SIR2 is integrally tied to extending life span in yeast and in the roundworm. Humans carry a similar gene.

This latest study probes how Sir2 is activated by calorie restriction. The authors report that a coenzyme related to NAD, called NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) inhibits Sir2 by blocking the action of NAD. During calorie restriction, levels of NADH decline in cells. This decrease in NADH allows NAD to better activate Sir2 and thereby extend life span.
Science Daily

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on MIT helps unlock life extending secrets of calorie restriction.
What this research showed was that calorie restriction activates a certain gene, the SIR2 gene, which has the ability to slow aging. So this was a very interesting study because they found that when you calorie restrict, when you eat 30-40 percent less calories than normally taken in, this gene SRI2, is activated and this slows aging. Also, what they found was not only did it increase longevity, but it increased energy; the ATP formation, which is the molecule of energy. So this is just another of the many studies that have shown that the less we eat of the right food, which is living raw plant based food, the less calories we take in. But eating the right food, the living raw plant based food, the longer our cells will live; the less inflammation will be in our body.

Also a lower calorie plant based diet is one of the best alternative cancer treatment and alternative diabetes treatment strategies. The more energy we would have. Again these are all medical researches. Research documents that just confirm what God said in the beginning. The ideal diet for mankind, for all human kind, was a living raw plant based diet. That’s the only food that was eaten in the Garden of Eden. That was the original plan, diet plan, as stated in the bible, in Genesis 1:29-31, green plants for food. And all medical research confirms, green plants, living raw food, and especially green plants, have the most anti-inflammatory, highest nutrients, most enzymes, most phytochemicals to promote the highest level of health.

So, how can you do keep a healthy diet?

Just start eating more living raw plant based food. Seeds, sprouts, vegetables, sea vegetables, avocadoes, nuts, all sprouted material. The more you can eat in a living raw plant base form, the less inflammation in the body and the longer the cells are going to live. And the less chance you’re going to have of developing any disease. It’s not just one diet factor. Its 7 factors, 7 Basics to Total Health that will decrease inflammation in and increase longevity in your body, long term.