Marriage keeps you healthy, married people are less likely to smoke, drink heavily or be physically inactive, the report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows.

They are less likely than singles, divorcees or widowed adults to be in fair or poor health, and are less likely to suffer from headaches or serious psychological distress.

“For the smoking rates between married and unmarried people, the differences were quite remarkable,” the report demonstrated.

“One in five married adults were current smokers compared to four in 10 of those living with a partner. Married people are about half as likely to be current smokers as those who are divorced or living with a partner.”

The report from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was based on interviews with 127,545 adults aged 18 and over.

It finds that 58.2 percent of adults are married, 10.4 percent are separated or divorced, 6.6 percent are widowed, 19 percent never married and 5.7 percent are living with a partner.

People living together but not married are more likely to have health problems than married adults, the survey found, and the findings hold firmest for the youngest adults.
National Center for Health Statistics shows

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Marriage
What is marriage? It is a covenant relationship meaning each will give all they have—their time, their energy, their resources, even their life to help their covenant partner.This is total commitment, a commitment that does not see other options. This is why married people are healthier than people who live together, who are single, divorced or widowed.

Why would people who live together not have the same health benefits as those that are married? Because they have not truly covenanted to each other, they have not committed everything they have for the other, they are not willing to lay down their life for the other.  This is why their health showed to be worst than those who have married, than those who have entered covenant with each other.