Do EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) affect your life? Just what are EMF’s anyway? Is sound an EMF? Is every waveform an EMF? The term is thrown around a lot these days as more EMF’s surround us than ever before, and understanding what they are and their effect on us can help us shape our efforts to be healthy.

Making light of the matter
To answer one of the questions: sound is not an EMF. Sound waves are mechanical waves created by rapid movement of a physical device in a medium (usually air), such as the cone of a speaker or striking one object against another. The mechanical waves move outward from the source of the sound, but they require air or another medium to transmit the waveform. And here’s the key: sound waves are not EMF’s because they don’t move at the speed of light.

EMF’s do move at the speed of light, because they are light. What we call light is just a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum: it’s the portion that we can see. Were our eyes tuned to a lower or higher frequency, we would be able to see infrared or ultraviolet light. By specifying a certain range of frequencies as “light” we just draw arbitrary boundaries on the EMF frequency chart. The entire frequency spectrum can be considered a form of light. The key is the creation of photons: EMF’s create photons regardless of whether the radiation is in the visible light portion of the spectrum, or in the radio, microwave, or other spectrums. Photons travel at the speed of light.

A photon is a “quantum” of energy — that means it is the smallest possible individual unit of energy possible. That amount of energy of the photon changes with the frequency of the waveform, so that photons of a higher frequency EMF have more energy. This is important because photons will not stop traveling until they interact with something. When they interact, they are absorbed, and that absorption transfers the quantum of energy to whatever it interacted with. If the photon has higher energy, there is more energy transferred.

Of course, a well-known use of EMFs is photosynthesis in plants, which is vital to our lives — there, photons in the blue and red light frequency ranges (not green — those get reflected back, which is why we see the green) are absorbed. The energy splits the bonds of water molecules, the released oxygen atoms bond in pairs creating O2, and through a more complex set of bonding/breaking bonds creates sugar. All these processes take the photon energy, absorbed into electron spin, and change the molecular bondings and the molecules themselves. EMF photon energy affects the biochemical processes of life.

Ion transport
Sufficient photon energy will break off electrons from atoms and create ions, which are charged atoms or groups of atoms. EMFs can therefore affect the ion concentrations for cells. The transfer into and out of cells of calcium, potassium, chloride, and sodium ions is vital to life. In a study published in the Georgian Medical News, researchers studied the EMF impact on ions in fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) of animals. They found that relatively low frequencies, shifts in the transport of three of these vital ions across the cell membranes. The EMF was clearly impacting normal ion transport.

EMFs of visible and near-visible light can directly affect the transfer of ions into cells through an “ion pump.” Ions can be actively pulled into cells through this pumping action. In a study published in Science, researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Department of Biology, Zürich, Switzerland used two forms of imaging to see a chloride ion being ushered into a cell through a light-powered protein pump. Here, a photo-sensitive protein residing on the cell membrane surface, tuned specifically to absorb visible light photons, would develop a positive charge due to the photon energy, affecting the chemical bonding of the protein because of the electron reaction to the photons during the absorption process. Then chloride ions, attracted to the new positive charge, would bind to the protein. The photon energy would cause “isomerization” of the protein, not changing its chemical formula but changing its molecular shape, and then pull the bound chloride ion along through the shape change of the molecule deeper into the cell. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, the photon energy was utilized to move the ion into the cell, creating an ion pump. The process happened within a tiny fraction of a second.

Isomerization is worth further discussion. Molecules that have the same chemical formula but that differ in the alignment of the bonds in the molecule, resulting in a different “shape” to the molecule, are called isomers. This has profound effects, for instance, on how vitamins react in your body. The shape-changing of molecules into different isomers totally changes how those molecules will bond with other molecules. Also the shape-change process can exert force on molecular bonds as the molecules may pull or push via the bonds. These forces are used by cells in many ways, utilizing energy in the process. EMF photons can provide that energy.

EMF therapy
While ion pumps are used to pull ions through the cell membrane, ion channels allow direct flow of specific ions into the cell interior. Ions simply pour into the channel, which is so tiny that only one or two atoms can pass through, thereby preventing molecules larger than the ions to pass. Cells do not need ions pouring in with no controls; so these ion channels are “voltage-gated”, such that an electrical impulse, such as provided by nerve impulses, can open or close the channel. Since the ions are not being pumped, electrical charge is all that pulls ions in through the channel. Low frequency EMFs, where the energy of the photons is low, does not rip electrons from atoms, so they are non-ionizing. Instead, these low energy EMFs increase the electric charge inside the cell, attracting ions at a greater rate.

Healthy more vigorous cells naturally have a significant charge, but diseased or tired cells may lack sufficient charge to pull ions at a sufficient rate. A therapy called pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMF, is a helpful application of low frequency EMFs to re-energize cells, increasing the charge differential inside the cell to the ions. The low frequency allows the photons to penetrate into the body without ionizing molecules along the way. It also appears to open the voltage gates of ion channels.

In a PEMF analysis article published in the American Journal of Translational Research, researchers at the Institute for Anatomy, Medical Faculty TU-Dresden, Dresden, Germany compiled data from multiple studies to determine the effectiveness of PEMF therapy and possible mechanisms by which it could achieve its results. They found that PEMF was effective in improving healing, promoting increased bone density, reducing pain, and suppressing cytokine inflammatory response. In their lab they observed increased nitric oxide (NO) production in culture with PEMF stimulation — increased nitric oxide in the body promotes circulation and lowers blood pressure. Yet they stated that the molecular mechanisms of coupling the EMFs to cells is “largely unknown.” One proposed mechanism is the length of the “antenna” (that is, ligands) of cells, where the length of the ligand matches the wavelength of the right EMF frequency causing it to vibrant in resonance. Also the voltage-gated calcium channels (ion channels for calcium) appear directly affected by the EMFs. ROS (radical oxygen species) in cells can also be neutralized by the EMFs. Whatever the mechanism or combination of mechanisms, PEMF was shown to be a highly effective EMF therapy.

Natural EMFs
Your brain generates EMFs in the form of brainwaves — these are low frequency waves which are also low intensity. Even so, these waves are communicating with other cells nearby. Much stronger are the EMFs generated by the heart: the coordinated ion flows into and out of the heart muscle cells generate electromagnetic waves with each beat. The heart EMFs are strong enough to extend outside of the body. The earth itself has a magnetic field which resonates around 8 Hertz on average. These natural fields affect your cells in various ways, some of them very subtle. Low frequency EMF therapies are designed to work in the natural resonance range of the body, and one reason for their effectiveness is a “recalibration” of cells to natural rhythms. Diseased or weak cells can lose touch with these frequencies, and EMF therapy can reorient the cells so they are working together with the EMFs of the body.

If EMF therapies utilize natural EMF frequency ranges found predominantly in nature, they can be extremely healing. The key is working with the wavelengths your body is tuned to use, those that it uses itself for cellular communication.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

The heart, mind and body are electric and energetic. Every cell is run by energy and the energy source is predominately electromagnetic fields. As we saw in the research, electromagnetic fields affect what goes into and out of the cells. The old models in science and physics have been updated with new discoveries in research: for example, the old theory was that atoms are like little billiard balls causing reactions of electrons being lost and gained when the balls collided. New developments in quantum mechanics have shown that no physical ball exists, but instead the most popular theory presently in quantum field theory says instead of being solid balls colliding, it is actually energy vortices interacting.

Why bring this up? Also the old model was that the receptors, gates and channels needed a physical ligand or molecule (a key) to bind to them to set off the biochemical reactions. But what this research and many others have shown is the new model is based in quantum mechanics and that EMF can open or close channels, turn on and off cell receptors.

What are the two biggest EMF generators in the body? The heart and the brain. These two control cellular function above and beyond what anyone could have imagined. So your thoughts powerfully affect cell function and health second only to your heart filled with love, joy and peace. As a person thinks in their heart so are they.

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