I just saw a patient today who has been on our program for one year. His initial diagnosis was bladder cancer and cardiovascular disease. He started on the REV program and the plant-based living/raw diet, took the supplemental micronutrients, came in for treatments regularly, and shortly after beginning the program he felt great. He was very excited about the changes in his health. He saw his oncologist nine months into the program and his doctor said his blood looked great — he has never seen him this healthy in all the time he’s been treating him. The patient also stated I feel great. Remember when you are healing your energy will progressively improve and that’s why you feel so good, by dropping inflammation you drop aging. Then all of a sudden this patient about a month ago woke up and stated it felt like a bag burst he urinated pure blood for two straight hours slowly decreased and totally stopped. After about three days he said was there is no more trace of blood. When he went to the hospital they could not explain it. And this week he had a follow up with his oncologist who did a cystoscope to look at his bladder and he said that it was very clean, very healthy so my patient asked him then what was the blood? his response I don’t know that’s because this doctor does not treat patients that are on a health program like my patient is. So to make the long story short, bleeding is very normal in the healing process when the body is killing and removing anything abnormal. But usually bleeding in a normal American living a normal American lifestyle and eating a normal American diet this is not good it means the body is inflamed and sick.