Integrative Cardiology

Integrative cardiology combines the best of both worlds: standard medical diagnosis and treatment with an alternative medicine mindset doctors.

Integrative cardiology is the treatment of the physical and mental/emotional aspects of imbalances of the heart. The treatment is not primarily with medication or surgery but also with diet, lifestyle and natural therapies designed to balance all systems, organs and glands together as a symphony of total health.

Take an example of a patient that has palpitations of the heart, this is where the heart beat seems to speed up and then skip a beat or two. Most people that have this symptom think they have something wrong with their heart but the fact is most all of these symptoms are caused by some type of stress to the system. The most common stressors are diet, lack of sleep or mental/emotional stress. When these are naturally balanced the palpitations leave. The patient is overjoyed because they did not have a “heart” problem and they did not have to take medication with a possible 7-500 side effects for the rest of their life. This is what integrative cardiology is all about. It is being a detective to find the true meaning of the heart issue.

We specialize in integrative cardiology and find the underlying causes of your health issues instead of trying to just make the symptoms go away. Our doctors understands how the body and mind work together so their last resort instead of first would be medication and if medication were needed it would be the smallest dosage for the least amount of time with the fewest possible side effects. Our doctors would first seek to balance your diet, your lifestyle and your physical along with mental/emotional stress factors. Their ultimate goal would be total health in your body, mind and emotions.

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