It’s not enough to reduce “bad” cholesterol to prevent heart attacks because a substance called C-Reative Protein or CRP also must be kept low, doctors said in a finding that could save tens of thousands of lives.

Evidence has been growing that a special type of inflammation, different from the form treated with aspirin and other related drugs, contributes to heart disease. CRP measures that inflammation.

A study led by Paul Ridker of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston showed that the people with the lowest risk of suffering a second heart attack also had the lowest levels of CRP.

A second study, led by Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic, found that among 502 patients who lowered their CRP levels the most, there was ultrasound evidence that their clogged arteries had opened.

Ridker said the findings have “the potential to save thousands of lives” and should radically change the way the public thinks about heart disease prevention.

-New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Inflammatory Protein Role in Heart Disease:
Inflammation is the new buzz work in the health care world. In actuality, it is an old word, not a new one. Inflammation always has been the root of most all disease. Medical researchers are just now discovering what alternative medicine practitioners have always known. Inflammation produces symptoms, conditions and eventually disease in everyone.

So, if inflammation is the cause, what’s the cure or more correctly stated, how does one heal the inflammation?

Well, let us start with what NOT to do. Once medical researchers established that inflammation drives most disease processes, they thought they had the answer –just give the patient anti-inflammatory drugs and not only will you help their pain but help protect them from disease. Well, the premise is correct but the action steps are all wrong. As was previously discussed in the article about painkillers any pain pill, or anti-inflammatory drug causes Leaky Gut Syndrome, which opens the door to all disease and opens it very, very WIDE!

So what is the answer?

Put the fire out with 7 Basic Steps to Total Health.

  1. Oxygen—the more air you fill your lungs with (in deep diaphragm breathing) the more you heal and the more inflammation you will reduce.
  2. Water—water puts fire (inflammation) out so drink up.
  3. Food—Living/raw plant food, not only does not cause inflammation (as cooked food, toxic animal products and refined sugars and flour do) but also causes existing fire (inflammation) to be put out.
  4. Sleep—this is a powerful anti-inflammatory that few know about. In bed by 9 a.m. and up by 6 a.m. will do wonders for pain and inflammation.
  5. Exercise—rebounding cellular/lymphatic exercise is the most powerful exercise available to decrease inflammation.
  6. Fasting—the less you eat the better you will feel. When the diet is 100% living/raw plant food, there is no more inflammation being formed.
  7. Prayer. The greatest anti-inflammatory of all is a still mind that listens to the voice of God spoken to the heart.

Be still and know that I AM GOD