Patient was in today who has been on the program three months diagnosed with stage III lymphoma. He did not want to do conventional therapy so we came to Revolution New Medicine so that we could help him on his journey.

Some patients receive the teaching easily and get the understanding quickly. They implement the program, do the treatments therapies take the required supplementation and make the diet and lifestyle changes required to establish the whole new person. In the beginning it’s work as with any great thing in life. But after 3 to 6 months you’re in the groove, the new way of living has been adopted and becomes natural to you. Now you can ride the bike and you don’t have to work at it anymore. This patient saw the garlic video and received the understanding immediately and within a few weeks he was doing 70 cloves of garlic a day. Everything he does is because he chooses to heal himself naturally it was and always is his choice. He was presented with the options of chemotherapy and conventional treatment and he said “how can I heal by putting those chemicals and toxins in my body? Well after being on the program for only two months he went back to have scans to see where he was at and all the tumors were shrinking. He told me he just feels great physically mentally, emotionally and he feels closer to his family than ever.  He is in a very good place and likes the direction of his new life. I told him that it was a pleasure to treat him because a certain number of patients on the program struggle with the diet and the lifestyle in the beginning and tend to cheat on the wrong foods at times which slows their healing. His response was “If I wanted to cheat then I would have done chemotherapy! “ What a revelation what an understanding. When you do what’s in your heart and your spirit and do not quit stop or give up, this is the path to life.