Patient was in today and she shared her transformation which was the release of subconscious and conscious programming. Most of our patients when they release the subconscious and conscious stress programs with the heart brain entrainment therapy they express that’s some thing has been lifted from them they feel lighter, freer , more peaceful even joy. This patient expressed that when she awoke in the morning she’s saw a crack in the drywall on the ceiling and a puddle of water on the floor she said before coming to REV this would’ve so irritated her so much, it would’ve been a very strong energy but instead she looked at the situation with no energy and no emotion and simply said call the handyman. This is the basis of all healing because the subconscious mind drives 95% of our physiology. If you do not release these programs then you have constant immune dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, which causes the source of inflammation to enter the body systemically this inflammation damages all organs glands and systems eventually including the brain itself. These programs play on the hard drive of the brain 24 hours a day seven days a week nonstop and because they’re subconscious we are not aware of them but they slowly destroy every aspect of our health that’s why this is the most powerful testing and therapy we do a Revolution New Medicine 3-D brain imaging, brain mapping, heart brain and entrainment therapy.