A patient shared with me her journey. She came diagnosed with lymphoma. She had had many stressful events which led up to the diagnosis. When she came in we started our full program including all the therapies, custom diet changes, supplementation, teaching program and brain mapping and 3-D brain imaging to find out stored conscious and subconscious stress programs. These programs store on the hard drive of the brain. She has been on the program for approximately four months. She shared how her whole life she had a problem with love- not only giving love but receiving love. But she still felt in her heart she was supposed to get married and have children. What she shared was transformational. She said because she had a problem with love she even struggled with loving her children and never felt a closeness to them neither her to them or them to her. But now after
being on the program and releasing conscious and subconscious stress programs in the Heart Brain Entrainment therapy she said her children now come up to her and hug her and want to keep hugging her they always want to be with her which was never the case before. When you remove the blockages of the mind both consciously and subconsciously then the supreme conscious mind the spirit can shine forth and this is love and this feels good and everyone is always attracted to this one and only true love