Mom and Dad not only raise the child but ensure the highest level of health

Their health and their life are in your hands

They will walk the same path the parents walk in body, mind and spirit

They will follow in your foot steps in every way physically and mentally

They so depend on you do not let them down be the example in every area

When the family is healthy the family is happy

Your life will become their life so make sure you are at your highest level in every area

All are healthy all are happy all are flying light and free

We balance them when we are balanced

You hold their health and their life in your hands

Mom and Dad must both be in body, mind and emotional health to keep the child balanced

Show them who their Father IS

We are family

Let them celebrate life at the highest level

It is the parents level of health the controls the beauty of the child

The fruit of healthy parents in mind, brain, emotions and body is a healthy child who has that level of health

Why you cannot get pregnant or carry a pregnancy term?

This is because your body is not ready to have and deliver a healthy baby. The major reason for this is stress on your system. Stress comes in the following categories:

Psychological stress

This is divided into the following areas:

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Metabolic stress

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Oxidative stress

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What you will do to have a baby…


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What you can do to increase your chances of having a healthy baby

Probably the most important thing that you can do yourself to increases your chances of getting pregnant, carrying a pregnancy to term, and then delivering a healthy baby is to start working on your health at a much higher degree. We have summarized the basics into Seven Basic Steps to Total Health. They are the following:

Seven Basic Steps to Total Health/Fertility          


1. Air/Oxygen/Breathing

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2. Water

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3. Food

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4. Sleep/Sun

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5. Exercise

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6. Fasting/Detoxification

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7. Prayer/Meditation/Stillness

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7 Basic Steps To Fertility

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What we can do to help you increase the chances of your having a healthy baby

At REV we’ve helped people restore their total health for the last 40 years. We do this by reducing all stressors on the system, including psychological, mental, and emotional, and all physical imbalances or stressors.

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