I had a patient in recently and he was telling me how hard the food was. He was saying he so misses eating his cooked food, carbs and animal products and he keeps eating them just trying to eat less. He was significantly deviating from the diet recommended which is living raw plant base diet very low in glycemic index, high in raw greens, vegetables and plant fats. I explained to him you just have to change your perception of food. You see food as a pleasure but that pleasure that you’ve been getting all these years has has caused an inflammatory toxic environment that feeds pathogens especially cancer cells and that’s why you were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has metastasized.

I went on to explain when we were in high school we had fun, ate pizza had ice cream and ate what whenever we wanted because we were young did not know any better and had no health challenge. But in life we’re called to grow in body mind and spirit. It is ridiculous to think you can live a long and healthy productive life living life to the full in body, mind and spirit while eating and thinking like you did when you were a teenager. We were supposed to grow out of the teenager stage grow into young men and young women and eventually grow into the mature, wise men and women stage of life.

I related how I saw a couple in their 70s at the movie theater and they were drinking the large Coca-Cola they were eating candy and the synthetic cheese and corn chip pseudo food and I thought somethings seriously wrong with this picture and what was it? It was their age. If they were 15 years old we would think nothing of it because they know no better and they’re young and filled with energy and life but common sense says if you want to thrive into our 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond we will have to learn how to take care of this body so that it works properly but also learn how to take care of this brain which is highly susceptible to inflammation and aging leading to memory loss, senility, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s along with other neurological diseases.

So as I relayed it all this to my patient I went on to say some words of the apostle Paul: When I was a child I thought like a child I acted like a child and we can insert I ate like a child but now I grew up into a man or a woman and I put my childish ways and food away. Paul went on to say by now you should’ve matured enough to be consuming spiritual food but instead you’re still a baby eating baby food and I will go on to say wearing diapers. So I closed with the patient saying if you want to wear diapers you can but if you want to heal then you’re going to have to grow up mature and stop seeking pleasure from food of the past and start seeking the pleasure of living life to the full in this moment and beyond.

The only reason people don’t heal is if they don’t LET GO of all the old so they can grab hold totally of the new but instead they’re still holding onto the old this is called lukewarm and double minded and nobody heals this way. You must 100% embrace the new and drop the old completely, the old food the old pleasures the old life and pick up the new food which will sustain you with health and vitality until you’re 100 and beyond, the new pleasure of living life to the full and walking in the love and joy and peace of God and most importantly the new life which is you as God’s son or God’s daughter in a purpose driven life.

The choice is always yours you can choose blessing and life or the curse and death.  The choice is always up to us and the action steps we choose that follow the choice are up to us so now we must choose correctly and walk it out one step at a time living a seven basic step to total health lifestyle of fasting from the standard American life and diet and prayer, learning to listen to our Father in heaven as He speaks to our spirit to our heart and the move in the direction He has shown. Faith or trust without action steps is dead.