I saw a patient who has been on our program for a couple of years now her initial issue was breast cancer and an addiction to alcohol. She shared with me on her last visit how in the year of Covid her business declined quite a bit and there were many stressors that were coming against her but in all that time she never never once turned to alcohol to relieve the stress the stress as she always has done in the past. She just wanted to thank me for all that we have done and continue to do in helping her in her healing journey.

All addictions whether to food, alcohol, drugs, sex or whatever pleasure a person is addicted to is always a sign of a mind, brain, body imbalance. Subconscious and conscious programs drive our physiology and our neurotransmitters which produce balance or addictions. All an addiction is for the most part is trying to stimulate a pleasure to counter a pain in the subconscious or conscious mind. This is why we do brain mapping and 3-D brain imaging. Also this is why one of our major therapies is Heart Brain Entrainment Therapy. HBET opens a door to release the stress programs and once released people become lighter, more peaceful, more joyful and most importantly their brain balances so they don’t need to cover up the stressors or pains in the world with food, alcohol, drugs or other pleasures in the world. This is because now the source of pleasure is within them, it is the calm in the midst of the storm, it is it is the joy unspeakable. This comes from our supremeconscious mind from our heart or spirit. When we remove blockages in the subconscious and conscious mind then the supremeconscious mind can come forth and when it does it brings balance to the mind and the body. This patient not only healed from her breast cancer but she healed her subconscious and conscious stress programs. She released them and now is a living from the light that shines in the darkness, Her supremeconscious mind and this always feels good. This was the pleasure that we were all created to operate in not the other false pleasures that just become addictions.